Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Costa launches new autumn menu featuring drink that tastes like Ferrero Rocher


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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You know tiny glimmer of summer we had this year? Well, it’s over.

But fear not, because Costa coffee autumn menu is here and there are some absolute corkers on there.

Landing in branches on August 31st, the new menu features a bunch of exciting new food and drink additions for us to get our mitts on.

Costa Coffee autumn drink menu

Yup, if it’s gonna get cold we might as well get excited about some seasonal hot drinks… and we’ve got our eyes on one of ’em in particular – the Maple Hazel Hot Chocolate.

Featuring milk chocolate and hazelnut notes – two of the ingredients you’d typically find in a Ferrero Rocher – it’s pretty obvious this one is gonna be a banger.

costa coffee autumn menu

Costa Coffee’s autumn menu is here (Credit: Costa)

There hazelnut comes in the form of a flavoured syrup and there’s the addition of a maple flavoured sauce, topped with Light Whip and sprinkles of delicate autumnal crunchy biscuit. 


You can also skip the chocolate and add a shot of coffee if you fancy a Maple Hazel Latte, and that also comes iced if that’s more up your street. 

Plus, there’s an exclusive extra drink for Costa Club app members – a Maple Hazel Frappé.

This ‘secret’ Costa autumn menu item is available on the Costa Club App from the 31st of August, and is limited edition, so don’t sleep on it!

costa coffee autumn menu

Time for some autumn bevvies (Credit: Getty)

The final menu addition is another for the Ferrero Rocher lovers… the Chocolate Hazel Frappé. This includes the signature roasted hazelnut flavoured syrup and features a deluxe chocolate flavoured sauce, topped with Light Whip, and sprinkled with chocolate cappuccino dusting. 

The Maple Hazelnut range from Costa is a returning hit, and we know that some people have been eagerly waiting for it since it left menus last year.

For the first time, shoppers will also be able to order the Maple Hazelnut range from on-the-go Costa Express machines nationwide. Result!

Costa Coffee autumn food menu

The Costa Coffee autumn menu also has some banging food options, too.

On the savoury front, you can order a Hog Roast Toastie, filled with hockory pulled pork with a spiced apple glaze and caramelised onion chutney, packed with sage and garlic stuffing and melted oak smoked cheddar for good measure.

Plus, you can order a Nacho Chilli Cheese and Chicken Toastie, which is filled with roast chicken, Mexicana cheese, spicy jalapeños and a cheese sauce, stuffed inside cheese and tortilla chip-topped bread.

costa coffee autumn menu maple hazel

Now that’s what I call comfort food (Credit: Costa)

The new menu additions take Costa’s toastie count up to seven, with regular options like its Chicken and Bacon sandwich and Vegan Ham and Cheese option still available.

There’s a range of autumnal sweet treats, too.

In honour of the new drink launch, you can now get your hands on a Maple Hazelnut Muffin, which has a maple sauce centre.

Plus, there’s even a Maple Hazelnut Blondie, which offers a blondie base infused with hazelnuts, white chocolate and maple syrup.

The Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cake is the brand’s third offering, which offers layers of chocolate sponge with salted caramel and chocolate frosting, dark chocolate curls and fudge pieces.

costa coffee autumn menu maple hazel

There are seasonal sweets too (Credit: Costa)

And you can also get your hands on an Apple and Blackberry Loaf cake, Loaded Flapjack and a Iced Pumpkin Gingerbread Biscuit.

Naomi Matthews, Food Innovation Director UK & Ireland at Costa Coffee said: “Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling, and at Costa Coffee, we’re excited to bring customers our new food and drink menu.

“It’s great to have the much-loved Maple Hazel range returning for Fall, as well as the launch of some mouth-watering savoury and sweet additions.”

Oh Costa, you do spoil us, ey?

Featured image: Instagram: Ferrero Rocher/ Costa

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