Diners complain as nudist couple served in local pub

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Yup, you read that correctly – a pub in Burnham-on-Sea has been met with a wave of complaints due to nudists sitting down for a meal.

Now we’re not going to judge the activities of other people, because each to their own and all that – but seeing people completely in the nude while out for a meal isn’t a common sight.

That being said, being a naturist is a way of life and shouldn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the same things as everyone else.

As reported by the Somerset Live, friends Neil Cox and Danielle Quiggan were on their way to Cornwall for a relaxing weekend when they decided to call into the Railway pub for a bite to eat and a drink.

Naturist friends Neil and Danielle sat down for a meal at the Railway Pub (stock image). (Credit: NicolasMcComber / Getty)

Neil explained that he called the pub ahead of time to inform them that they would be attending and that they were naturists.

Despite this being an unusual request, the Railway saw it as an opportunity to learn about naturism and after doing a bit of research, agreed to the booking.

The pair had previously been in Bristol where they had enjoyed a pint at a pub without any clothes and had strolled the city, taking in the sights.

Despite the pub being an inclusive environment where Neil and Danielle were welcomed, this didn’t stop other diners taking to TripAdvisor to complain.

One review read: “Appalling. If you want to go to a family pub with average food and staff serving a naked man accompanied by a naked woman then this is for you. Took parents. Outraged.”

A second read: “Whilst ordering drinks a couple walked up to the bar naked which was a shock for all in the pub. We expected the barman to refuse to serve them. There were several families with children in the pub, including ourselves therefore it was not appropriate for them to be served.”

Neil said that the majority of diners at the pub were supportive of their lifestyle. (Credit: South_agency / Getty)

It should be noted that the vast majority of the reviews were complimentary of the pub for being so inclusive, with many not minding that a naturist couple were enjoying a meal.

Neil spoke with Somerset Live where he revealed that although people were shocked to see him and Danielle in the pub, the novelty soon wore off and people went about their day.

He added that it is disheartening that in 2023 people will post negative reviews for an establishment who have been so welcoming to those with alternative lifestyles.

Well done to the Railway for being so inclusive!

Featured image: Getty