Domino’s and Heinz have teamed up to create a new ‘Big Brekkie Pizza’

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Everyone knows pizza is the perfect hangover cure. Then again so is a nice, hearty fry-up.

Well, in a world where we are constantly spoilt for choice, it looks as if we no longer have to make such an arduous decision.

Yep, that’s right, fresh off the cultural implications of the Heinz Beanz pizza revival – and, in a move which is sure to rile up Italian Nonnas – Domino’s has partnered up with Heinz to combine the two, for those groggy-headed people who can’t decide.


Brekkie pizza, anyone? (Credit: Domino’s)

The pizza builds upon Domino’s tried and true signature dough – boasting vine-ripened tomato sauce, smoky bacon, Cumberland sausages, mushrooms, chunks of chopped tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese.

The best part? The pizza is drizzled with either HP sauce or Heinz ketchup – the devourer’s choice.

The new dish – aptly named the Domino’s x Heinz Big Brekkie Pizza – seems to satisfy both sides of a very lengthy Reddit debate on whether a traditional English breakfast should have HP sauce or ketchup.

Domino’s is the company that can truly do it all – in 2017 they launched a Domino’s wedding gift registry, and have also created a pizza-themed baby registry, per Grub Street.

Now, they’re evidently hoping to break culinary rules with their latest creation.

A super upbeat Melanie Howe, Secretary of Sauce for Domino’s, said in a statement: “We’re so excited to launch our sauciest pizza yet in partnership with the master of sauces, Heinz. It’s a real saucy beast and has been in the making for over a year to ensure we serve up breakfast icons only.

“Whether it’s HP Sauce or classic Heinz Tomato Ketchup that tickles your taste buds, the Big Brekkie is guaranteed to turn up the steam and serve up all the saucy goodness!”

You can have yours drizzled with Ketchup or HP Sauce (Credit: Domino’s)

“Long has the nation debated on whether you put Heinz Tomato Ketchup or HP Sauce on your breakfast, and we can’t wait to find out which of our sauces reigns supreme on Domino’s Big Brekkie pizza,” Kraft Heinz’s representative, Chloé Schiltz said.

Though, true English breakfast enthusiasts could potentially argue that the pizza does not constitute a proper English because, well, where are the beans? Pizza aficionados will recall that this used to be a possibility – when Heinz brought back their 90s Heinz Beanz Pizza in 2019 for their 150th anniversary.

Since we are entering a new Frankenstein-pizza era, it might as well be time for another revival. The Domino’s x Heinz Big Brekkie Pizza, which was announced today (September 5), is available for order in-store and online now.

What will the public think? Well, only time will tell.