Domino’s launches new app that allows people to make orders ‘with their minds’

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

If we had the power to order pizza with our minds, we’d probably never stop eating it.

But over in the States, Domino’s Pizza is allowing customers to do just that….well, kinda.

Their new ‘mind ordering app’ has been invented in collaboration with Stranger Things, to mark the fact the fourth season is dropping – and it might sound outlandish, but the concept isn’t just make-believe.

Check out this video below: 

“Is mind ordering real? At Domino’s it absolutely is,” says Kate Trumbull, Domino’s Senior VP of Brand and Product Innovation.

“Our customers and Stranger Things fans can now channel their inner Eleven by using telekinetic powers to order pizza with their mind.”

Once you download the Domino’s Mind Ordering app (which is a separate entity to the normal Domino’s mobile app), a retro-style game will launch which will make you feel like you’re in the Observation Room at Hawkins National Laboratory with the gang from the Netflix series.

The game uses your camera to analyse your facial gestures, so you can channel what pizza you want just by contorting your expression, and giving a wink, a head flick or an intense stare.

Nifty, right?!

stranger things domino's pizza

Stranger Things and Domino’s Pizza have joined forces (Credit: Domino’s)

Okay, we’ll level with you – you’ve gotta have a Domino’s easy order saved on the app first, to avoid accidentally ordering the ham and pineapple pizza when you fancied the Veggie Supreme.

But you can order a pizza without the touch of a button, which is still pretty cool if you ask us.

A description of the app reads: “Do you have the power to order Domino’s with your mind? With the help of the brilliant minds at Stranger Things‘ Hawkins National Laboratory, we have a way to find out.

“Time travel back to 1986 and step into the Stranger Things universe as you become a super-powered test subject in the latest experiments taking place at Hawkins National Laboratory.

“Learn about your telekinetic powers, explore your surroundings, and use your newfound skills to place your Domino’s Easy Order without the touch of a button.”

dominos pizza

Imagine ordering this without even pressing a button (Credit: Domino’s)

Unfortunately for those in the UK, the app is only available to American Domino’s fans, whilst Stranger Things season four is being promoted.

Americans will also be treated to retro 1980s pizza boxes for all medium and large pizzas to celebrate the launch.

Both promotions will only run for a limited time.