Doritos drop Flame Grilled Whopper flavour in collab with Burger King

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Don’t you love it when two of your favourite worlds collide?

Burger King and Doritos have come together to launch a brand new flavour, and it’s a dream for lovers of both brands.

Yup, the fast food giant and the tortilla chip tycoons have only gone and launched a flavour inspired by the smoky, meaty Flame Grilled Whopper – and it sounds like a match made in heaven.

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The new Doritos Flame Grilled Whopper flavour takes their nacho cheese tortilla chips and adds a charred beef flavour that’ll instantly make you think of the Whopper.

Apparently the burger flavour is so spot on that you can even taste the pickles!

The best part is that despite the uncanny likeness to the Burger King Flame Grilled Whopper, the snacks – which are available nationwide from today – are even certified suitable for vegetarians.

burger king doritos whopper flavour

The brands have been teasing the collab (Credit: Twitter)

Whilst the product has now launched in supermarkets nationwide, it turns out they started to crop up a little early in some stores, like ASDA and Sainsbury’s, and were flagged online several days ago.

“Can confirm these are gooood. Definitely taste the grilled burger,” said one person on Instagram.

Whilst another concurred: “Stop it!!!!! These look crazy.”

“Tastes great. Weirdly you can smell the lettuce and everything lol,” commented a third.

As a fourth simply penned: “Holy hell.”

burger king doritos flame grilled whopper flavour

Imagine crisps that taste like this Whopper…(Credit: Burger King)

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Stephanie Herbert, from Doritos, said of the launch: “It’s not often that two brands like Doritos and Burger King collide, and it’s been hard to keep such an exciting partnership under wraps.

“We’re now able to officially announce the launch of the new Burger King Flame Grilled Whopper Doritos – the much-loved burger, transformed, for the first time, into an irresistible tortilla chip. They taste so much like the real thing, we’re confident fans will be shocked by the likeness – but the Triangle Whopper is here. Believe it.”

Meanwhile, Katie Evans, from Burger King UK continued: “We’ve been secretly working on Whopper Doritos for the past year and we’re incredibly proud to unveil this epic collaboration – in snack form!

“We’ve loved developing the iconic Whopper flavour, bringing flame-grilled beef, fresh tomatoes, onions and pickles that our customers know and love and delivering it on a Dorito’s tortilla chip. We’re excited for fans to try it, so they can now enjoy a Whopper wherever and whenever they want.”

burger king doritos whopper flavour

Burger King and Doritos burnt a billboard to market the campaign (Credit: Burger King)

The bags are selling in two formats, a 70g packet (£1.25 RRP) and an 180g share bag (£2.25 RRP).

They join the Doritos line up of Cool Original, Tangy Cheese, Chilli Heatwave, Loaded Pepperoni Pizza and Triple Cheese Pizza tortilla chips, and the Doritos Dippers range: a Hint of Salt, a Hint of Smoked Paprika and a Hint of Sour Cream and Onion.

To promote the new collaboration, Burger King and Doritos decided to make a real impact, putting up a billboard in Middlesborough before dramatically setting it ablaze.

The billboard sat outside a Burger King store, and passers by watched in amazement as it got chargrilled – a nod to the iconic Whopper.

The marketing move no double had a bunch of locals surprised. Will the Flame Grilled Whopper crisps have the same effect?

Only one way to find out…