Doritos drops two unexpected flavours in the US: Ketchup and mustard

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We all like Ketchup, don’t we? Dunk a chip in it, put it on a burger… it’s a truly essential condiment.

But then there are the people who really love the stuff; the ones who put it on their pasta (shudder) and eat it on toast.

Those are the people who are going to go nuts at the latest product news we just caught wind of.

It turns out, Doritos has just released a Ketchup flavoured crisp in the US, and whilst many of us might be a bit tentative about the launch, we’re confident there are others who will be rushing down to the shops right now to buy themselves a shed load.

doritos ketchup

Doritos now comes in a ketchup flavour in America (Credit: Doritos)

It’s not that we don’t think the Ketchup Dorito sounds nice, it’s just that there are *so many* other flavours we’d pick for a crisp other than sweet, kinda processed tomato.

But believe it or not, Ketchup is actually the top selling Doritos flavour over in Canada. So, who knows…maybe we’re missing something?

Doritos describe the Ketchup flavoured corn crisp as having “a tangy and subtly sweet taste,” as you’d expect from the condiment itself.

And what’s more, it’s joined by another new flavour which is also hitting shelves. Introducing Doritos Mustard.

Now, before you wince at the idea of a crisp flavoured like English mustard (you know, the type you’d slather on a hot-dog), we must advise you that we’ve read the small print and this flavour actually sounds nicer than you’d expect.

Doritos says the crisps are actually flavoured with “Spicy Mustard” – which is inspired by Chinese hot mustard, rather than the type you might be used to on your BBQ table.

If you’re a Brit and you’re reading this, we’re sorry to say that both flavours are only available in the States at the moment, and there are no current plans to bring them over here.

Americans can buy the crisps through Frito-Lay’s website,, exclusively, for a limited time, only, retailing at $5.59 (£4.62).