Dr Oetker’s fish finger pizza has left people confused AF

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

You might think the humble pizza was beyond improvement – melty cheese, sloppy tomato, and a delightfully crispy crust.

But how would you feel if we threw some fish fingers on top? Wait, wait – hear us out.

Believe it or not, Dr Oetker has released a limited edition fish finger pizza in Germany, and whilst we’ll admit we certainly raised an eyebrow at first, we actually think it sounds pretty incredible.

dr oetker ristorante fish finger pizza

This fish finger sandwich is legit real. No, really. (Credit: Dr. August Oetker KG)

In collaboration with Captain Birdseye (or Kapt’n Iglo as he’s known over there) the pizza, named Ristorante Pizza Bastoncini di Pesce, features a bunch of crispy fish fingers on top of a Ristorante spinach pizza.

The “Mediterranean-maritime recipe” is made up of a “crispy thin Ristorante base, topped with fruity tomato sauce, a cheese mixture of mozzarella and Edam, spinach and six golden fish fingers”.

And naturally, it has sent social media into a spin.

dr oetker fish finger sandwich

Ok, anyone else think this is kinda iconic? (Credit: Twitter)

“Dr Oetker have brought out a limited edition fish finger and spinach pizza, and I can’t decide if this is god level genius or a crime against all that is sacred in the world,” said one on Twitter, after hearing the news. 

Whilst another wrote: “Every day we stray further from God’s light.”

Taking a more favourable stance, a third penned: “Is that fish finger dr oetker pizza? Holy shit. I love fish fingers. And dr oetker. Fuck me up let’s go”.

As a fourth joked: “Hi, yes I’d like to order 50 boxes of the Dr. Oetker fish finger pizza? Yes I’ll hold”.

dr oetker fish finger sandwich

Credit: Twitter

dr oetker fish finger sandwich

Credit: Twitter

dr oetker fish finger sandwich

Credit: Twitter

dr oetker fish finger sandwich

Credit: Twitter

It might sound like an April Fool, but the pizza is actually legit – although it’s only being sold for a short period.

It stemmed from a campaign by Twitter user, @An_dy_wand, four whole years ago. He tweeted: “It’s 2018 and there’s no fish finger pizza yet…”

And against all odds, it’s now actually available to buy.

Never give up on your dreams, folks. Now, who’s starting a petition to bring this over to the UK?