Forget ketchup, ‘eggchup’ and ‘beanchup’ have just been invented

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We’re pretty partial to a condiment here at Twisted HQ. From mayo to sriracha to hot sauce, we’ve got em all packed into the back of our fridge, ready and waiting to spruce up any meal.

But us Brits are never satisfied, are we? Sausage brand, Heck, has just released two brand new condiments onto the market, and they’re both products that you never knew you needed (and, let’s face it, probably didn’t).

Inspired by the ingredients in the full english breakfast, ‘eggchup’ and ‘beanchup’ are the brand’s alternatives to ketchup, for those who want to spruce up a breakfast bap without cooking a million brekkie components.

eggchup beanchup heck sausages

Want ‘eggchup’ or ‘beanchup’ with your brekkie? (Credit: Heck)

The ‘beanchup’ is made with a blend of haricot beans, tomato and spices, while the ‘eggchup’ is literally a blend of egg and salt, dubbed “squeezable runny egg yolk”.

And we’re fully aware that both of these products are crowd dividers. The idea could delight some people, and absolutely horrify others.

Yorkshire based brand Heck is hoping the new condiments will be the perfect accompaniment to bacon butties, full english brekkies or breakfast sarnies, adding the flavours people enjoy from breakfast in squirtable form.

The brain behind the maverick condiments is Calum Smith, a development chef for the brand.

Traditional full english breakfast. Fried eggs, baked beans, bacon, sausages and toasts

It’s all the joy of a full english in squeezable form (Credit: Alamy)

After giving the sauces to the brand’s Secret Sausage Society to try, Calum said: “Many have been telling us it feels like they are eating a full English breakfast, but all they’ve had to do is add the sauce, rather than rustle up more pots and pans.”

Convenient, huh?

The sauces have been invented to celebrate the launch of Heck’s new Breakfast Sausage, which you can now buy in Tesco and Morrisons stores.

“There’s been a lot of late nights working on the perfect partner for the new sausages,” Calum added.

“There’s so much to consider when creating a flavour bomb and balancing the sweet and savoury has been caused a few sleepless nights.”

Whilst you can’t purchase the ‘eggchup’ and ‘beanchup’ just yet, Heck say they’re hopeful to get ’em in stores very soon.

Will you be purchasing?