Gelateria turns KSI and Logan Paul’s coveted Prime drink into ice cream

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Prime hydration drink might be flying off the shelves faster than stores can stock it, but fans of KSI and Logan Paul have been offered a chance to consume the drink in a whole new format.

A gelateria in Hitchin in the UK has used the almost-impossible-to-source drink to whip up some ice cream using the blue raspberry flavor.

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Fabio’s Gelato took to TikTok to show off the process of them making their exclusive Prime gelato, blending up the “blue gold” into an ice cream mix.

The drink is weighed out and mixed before being put in the batch freezer to cool before being extracted as ice cream and portioned out into large tubs, ready to be sold over the weekend.

Each buyer will get a small tub of Prime ice cream with a wafer on top, with the gelateria’s logo printed into it.

Reaching out to KSI himself on Instagram, the family-run business teased: “We’ve turned prime energy into Gelato (icecream) @ksi are you coming in for a scoop?”

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Prime has been making headlines since being launched last year by YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI. The former rivals teamed up to create the hydration drink, which sells for $1.99 a bottle in stores.

…Well, that’s if you’re able to buy one from an official stockist, that is.

Credit: Raz McNulty Photography / Alamy

Due to the enormous popularity of the drink, single bottles and crates of Prime are being grabbed off the shelves in seconds, with fans clamoring and queueing for hours to get their hands on some.

Many have been buying the drinks to sell on – with listings of Prime reaching hundreds of dollars – in order to make a massive profit on the coveted drink.

KSI himself has spoken out about the ridiculously high prices charged by resellers and urged fans not to pay for the overpriced drinks online.

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He previously told TalkSport: “I didn’t expect it to be this insane to the point that people are paying £100 for a can of Prime or £25 for a bottle of Prime hydration, it’s going crazy.

“I hate it. People want to try these drinks and they have not got the chance to try the drinks.

“They see me promote it and I know a lot of people are inspired by me and interested in the things that I promote… so when people saw that I was promoting Prime they wanted to try it.

“But, now you have people who are bulk buying and selling it for stupid prices and taking advantage of the hype and I hate it.”

Fabio revealed to his followers that he had managed to get hold of some bottles through a friend at a local fast food place, explaining: “Chris from Chicken George managed to secure me 20 bottles, enough to taste test, then experiment with creating a Willy Wonka recipe and finally to create two pans of gelato for the shops.”

He added: “It’s made with Prime, tastes like Prime… We will leave the score of the drink down to our customers when it launches this Saturday!”

Unlike the greedy resellers profiteering off Prime, Fabio confirmed to his TikTok followers that the ice cream would be sold for the same price as a regular scoop in his shop. Now, we just need to know how good it tastes!

Featured image credit: Raz McNulty Photography / Alamy