Activists are offering the Prime Minister £1m to go vegan for a month

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The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has been offered £1 million to go vegan for a month.

Non-profit Generation Vegan is urging the UK PM to adopt a fully plant-based lifestyle for four weeks – and they’re offering to pay £1 million to a charity of his choice as a reward.

Penning an open letter to Rishi, signed by Naomi Hallum, CEO of GenV, the activist group said that animal agriculture was having a terrible impact on the environment, and urged the PM to lead by example and sample a plant-based diet, even for a month stint.

They said doing so was one of the “best things” society can do for British farmers, and for the public’s overall health.

rishi sunak

Rishi Sunak has been challenged to give up meat (Credit: Alamy)

“The science is clear on the environmental impacts of animal agriculture, including its outsized climate impact, and the farming sector is also the most vulnerable to changes in weather systems resulting from climate breakdown,” the letter said.

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“Raised public awareness of these impacts has led to a growing shift in consumer habits towards more plant-based diets….Adopting a plant-based diet prioritizes compassion and prevents this unnecessary suffering.”

The letter is signed off: “We hope you’ll consider our sincere offer and lead the UK towards a more sustainable and promising future. We look forward to hearing back from you with your response by January 31st.

vegan meat sausages burgers

The PM would have to forgo meat for a month (Credit: Alamy)

Explaining why they reached out to the Prime Minister, Hallum told Plant Based News: “It’s important that we hold our leaders responsible for delivering the better future they continuously promise us. The UK Prime Minister has regularly spoken about the importance of showing compassion, and of safeguarding our planet for future generations.

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“He already abstains from eating beef, so all we’re asking of him is to extend his circle of compassion to other animals and to take the necessary steps towards protecting the planet for our children and grandchildren.”

The plea comes after Rishi Sunak has been outspoken about the fact he isn’t going to be “telling anyone to eat less meat” in his position as the new PM.

The comments came during an interview with Sky News, after UK Chief Scientific Advisor Patrick Vallance said that cutting meat consumption was “part of the solution” to fighting climate change.

Gen V’s campaign isn’t the first of its kind, as they have already put similar challenges to Joe Biden, the Pope and Donald Trump, all of which were left unanswered.

Will Rishi respond to the activists? Time will tell.