The Great British Bake Off is getting new hosts for its American spin-off

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Nowadays, soggy bottoms, patisserie challenges and cheeky innuendos are pretty much synonymous with The Great British Bake Off. 

But did you know Americans love Bake Off (or The Great British Baking Show, as it’s called over there), so much that they’ve also got their own version?

Dubbed The Great American Baking Show, the programme has actually run for five series’, but it’s being brought back with a makeover this year, on a shiny new channel.

great british bake off baking show

Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith will both be judging the American bakers (Credit: Channel 4)

Landing on Roku channel in 2023, according to Deadline, the new programme will follow a similar format to the British show we know and love.

Running for six episodes, it’ll see amateur bakers jetting to England to step into the beloved GBBO tent for themselves, and putting their skills to the test under the watchful eye of the show’s judges.

And whilst Paul Hollywood is no stranger to the States, having appeared in two former seasons of the American version, fans will be excited to learn that his co-star, Prue Leith has now been roped in, too.

The show has seen several hosts over the years, including the likes of Emma Bunton and Sherry Yard and Nia Vardalos and Ian Gomez.

However, British fans (and Americans who love the UK version) will be gutted to see that despite Prue’s recruitment, there’s no Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding in this running (sob).

The decision was likely made to appeal to the American audience, and instead there will be The Office star, Ellie Kemper and Severance actor, Zach Cherry in the host roles.

“We could not ask for a more perfect duo than Ellie and Zach to co-host The Great American Baking Show,” Brian Tannenbaum, head of alternative originals at Roku, said in a statement.

“Our adaptation of the iconic series will continue to dish out the enduring warmth and humor that fans of the Baking Show universe love, with a twist that we know Ellie and Zach will deliver.”

Reacting to the casting, some American viewers weren’t so sure with the appointment of the new hosts, and they took to social media to share their views.

“Nope. Still should have all British hosts at least,” wrote one. 

Whilst another penned: “Someone tell them one of the main reasons we Americans love the show is because there are no Americans on it…”

“Every American cooking show wants to be the Great British Baking Show and you CANT because the hosts of that show KNOW what they’re talking about foremost, and then happen to be funny and witty (they’re British),” wrote somebody else. 

noel fielding matt lucas

Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas won’t be coming along for the ride (Credit: Channel 4)

Looks like they would have been happier with Noel and Matt after all!

Of course, for all the critics, there are others who are very happy with the casting, and excited to see the US spin-off getting a glow-up and returning to screens.

We’re just excited to see GBBO thrive in the States. Here’s hoping their new version brings all the Bake Off magic we know and love.