Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Chef uses Greggs sausage rolls instead of bread to make an insane toastie


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by James Kay

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There are very few things in the world better than a Greggs sausage roll, vegan or otherwise.

Greggs is a staple in the average Briton’s lifestyle and the sausage roll has worldwide acclaim as people flock from around the world to get their hands on the fabled snack.

Whether the non-vegan or vegan version is the best is down to personal opinion, but what’s for certain is that they both taste amazing.

So how can we incorporate the sausage roll into our daily lives even more? Well, one TikToker might have the answer.


Destroy all of your bread right now… you heard me. 🥪 #sausagerolls #greggs #toastie #grilledcheese #recipe #foodie #lunchformyhusband

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Joe, who comes from The Recipe Club, is trying to reinvent the wheel by removing bread from the classic toastie, and replacing it with a Greggs sausage roll – amazing, right?

Joe’s instructions are as straightforward as they are daring: “Get yourself four sausage rolls from Greggies,” he advises. “And flatten them out as much as you can without them falling apart. Glue them together with cream cheese.”

But let’s not jump to conclusions just yet, for the true essence of this sossy-roll-wich masterpiece is revealed in its filling. Joe artfully layers on a generous portion of ‘properly tasty cheddar’, followed by the unexpected yet tantalizing combination of marmite, egg cream, and a sprinkle of pepper.

Intriguingly, this flavour-packed ensemble is then crowned with another pair of flattened and cream cheese-bonded sausage rolls, forming a flavourful tower of taste.

The creation is then added to a frying pan where Joe eloquently reveals: “When the queso is wet, wang the guy off the pan and slice it nice.”

There are few things in life better than a Greggs sausage roll. Credit: Matthew Horwood/Getty

The innovative toastie had a mixed reaction, with one viewer saying: “Well… It looks like I’m going to have to give this a whirl,” while a second person said: “I’m going to Greggs first thing!”

Though not everybody was convinced, as another person added: “Feels like I’ve just witnessed a crime,” and a fourth said: “I can feel my arteries clogging just looking at it.”

Every genius was branded as crazy when they first started, so maybe Joe really is on to something…

Featured image credit: Matthew Horwood/NurPhoto/Getty

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