Guinness launches a brand new cold brew coffee beer in time for summer

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Guinness is having a bit of a moment recently. The Irish stout has seen a massive soar in popularity since lockdown, with sales soaring by 30 per cent.

So, it’s no surprise the brand’s parent company, Diageo, has taken this moment to release a brand new product here in the UK: a cold brew coffee beer.

The beer has dropped today, in Tesco stores, and is essentially a combination of cold brew coffee and Guinness draught – perfect now that summer is on its way.

guinness cold brew

Guinness Cold Brew Coffee has arrived just in time for summer (Credit: Guinness)

Expect hints of roast barley to sit alongside the coffee, as well chocolate and caramel notes to balance that delightful bitterness.

Ice cold and packed full of bold flavours, it sounds like one that’ll not only satisfy the Guinness fans but also those who are a little more sceptical, too.

Whilst the 440ml can is making its UK debut in Tesco stores, we can expect to see it crop up in additional off-licenses and supermarkets in the next few months.

guinness cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee lovers are going to love this (Credit: Guinness)

The drink has a pretty standard ABV of 4%, and is being sold for £5.50 for a pack of four.

Having dropped in the US already, we know this Guinness cold brew is sure to be a hit amongst UK punters, who love coffee so much they’re thought to drink 95 million cups collectively per day.

The plan is to launch the can in more countries around Europe and Asia before the year is out.


Guinness is having a moment (Credit: Alamy)

John Burns, head of Guinness, said Diageo are hoping the drop will help draw in more people to the stout’s fan-club.

He said of the launch: “We firmly believe we have created a taste experience truly unrivalled in the market and with over 95 million cups of coffee being consumed every day in Great Britain alone, now is the moment to offer a product which plays to an excitingly vast consumer space.

“There is already a natural connection with coffee notes in Guinness’ signature offerings like Draught and Extra Stout, so the creation of Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer was a perfect match.”