Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Man gets Guinness World Record for eating the most Big Macs in a lifetime


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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Fancy yourself a McDonald’s fan? Well, we bet you aren’t quite as die-hard as this guy.

One Maccies obsessive has been awarded a Guinness World Record for eating the most Big Macs in a lifetime. Quite an achievement, if you ask us.

Check out a video of him in action below: 

Donald Gorske, 68, from Fond du Lac in Wisconsin, has racked up quite an impressive total of Big Macs eaten, having chowed down on at least one every day since 1972 (emphasis on at least one, because he usually manages two).

Last August, he celebrated having consumed 32,340 Big Macs, and this month he marks his 50th anniversary of eating a daily burger, meaning he’s at least totalling 32,632 now (and that figure is being conservative).

This isn’t actually the first time Gorske has been honoured with the much desired title of the winner of Most Big Mac Burgers Eaten In a Lifetime.

He was originally handed it back in 1999, but since then he’s more than doubled his (already impressive) figure.

mcdonalds guinness world records

Gorske is a legend in his local McDonald’s (Credit: Guinness World Records)

Speaking of the first time he sampled a Big Mac, he told Guinness World Records he knew instantly that he was going to be addicted.

“I drove straight to McDonald’s, got my first three Big Macs, then got in the car and ate them,” the burger fanatic said.

“In that moment I said ‘I’m going to probably eat these for the rest of my life’. I threw the cartons in the back of my seat, and started counting them from day one.”

Gorske’s love for the Maccies staple has never wavered, but he has got a little more disciplined about how many Big Macs he lets himself eat a day.

guinness world records burgers

Gorske has eaten well over 30,000 Big Macs (Credit: YouTube/ Guinness World Records)

At the start of his Big Mac journey, he could put away as many as nine burgers a day, but now he averages 14 a week (still a mighty impressive number, if you ask us). 

Gorske has always seen Big Mac eating as more than just sustenance. In fact, he’s logged every single Big Mac he’s eaten since back in the 1970s.

So determined was he to win his title that he kept each and every container and receipt from his burgers, and to this day he still organises them so he can count what number he’s on.

The Big Mac lover has strayed to other chains over the years out of curiosity, but he’s always gone back to the Golden Arches.

“I had one Burger King Whopper in 1984 and one Topper double burger in 1984,” he added. “[Though there are a lot of other burger chains that I have never had the desire to try.

“I’ll probably be eating Big Macs every day for the rest of my life.”

Naturally, we have to end with a disclaimer that chowing down on multiple Big Macs a day is by no means healthy, even though the Big Mac addict does do a lot of exercise to counteract his habits.

Still, we hope Gorske is eating some fruit and veg, too!

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