Heinz launches brand new beany nuggets

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Heinz are at it again. We’re frankly still recovering from the launch of their baked bean hash browns, not to mention the brand’s revival of the Heinz Beanz pizza

But now they’ve only gone and created a brand new beany staple – Heinz Beanz Nuggetz.

The new creation are inspired by the classic chicken nugget, and look to be a perfect side to any meal.

The twist is that they’re actually completely veggie, and packed full of beans rather than any meat. A breaded beany nugget? Frankly, we don’t know why nobody invented this sooner.

heinz beanz nuggetz

The nugs are stuffed with beans and veg (Credit: Heinz)

The Heinz Beanz Nuggetz come in three different flavours: Original, Curried and Cheesy.

They’re “packed full of beans and vegetables” and are aimed at kids, to encourage them to eat more veggies. However, we won’t be judging if you’re an adult who wants some beany nugs, too.

Why should the kids get all the good stuff to themselves?!

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The Original Heinz Beanz Nuggetz come stuffed with beans, tomato and sweetcorn whilst the Curried Heinz Beanz Nuggetz come with parsnip, carrot, coconut and mild curry spices (as well as everyone’s fave beans).

Both of these flavours are suitable for vegans, whilst there’s a cheesy extra for the veggies, too. Cheesy Heinz Beanz Nuggetz come stuffed with beans, cauliflower and cheddar cheese. We’ll take 50, please.

heinz beanz nuggetz

The Heinz Beanz Nuggetz are available now (Credit: Heinz)

Sophie Higgins, Head of Growth Platform at Heinz New Ventures, said: “We know that parents want quick, easy meals that their kids will eat – but they also want them to be delicious and without any nasties.

“We’re also seeing more parents opting for meat-free options at least once a week. And of course, if we can help parents get some extra veggies into their kids’ mealtimes, we know that’s a bonus too.

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“That’s why we’re really proud of our Magical Beanz Nuggetz: delicious crispy nuggets that kids will love. Who knew you could make nuggets out of the little nutritional powerhouses that are beans?! They really do seem magical – or as we would say, unbeanlievable. We think they’re set to be a mealtime game-changer.”

You can get the new Heinz nuggets from ASDA and Ocado, and they have a RRP of £2.75.