Heinz brings back its Christmas Dinner Soup in a tin

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Big news, guys. Heinz has brought back its iconic Christmas Dinner Big Soup.

Yup, the festive tin is back on supermarket shelves, after selling out in a matter of hours last year.

The good news is that whilst there were only 500 tins available last year, this time they’re selling more than ever, with 20,000 of the cans available to buy from ASDA stores around the UK.

For 2022, the Heinz Christmas Dinner Big Soup will feature the same festive flavours as last year, with pigs in blankets, turkey stuffing balls and sprouts floating inside the tin.

heinz christmas dinner soup

The Heinz Christmas Dinner Soup is back (Credit: Heinz)

Plus, there will be another product joining it – the Vegan Heinz Christmas Dinner Big Soup.

In this can, the ‘meaty’ sausages will be made of plant-based protein, and it will also be rammed full of veggies and vegan stuffing, too.

Despite the greater supply, the £2 cans of both soup cans will still be super limited edition, and when they’re gone they’re gone. So, we wouldn’t advise waiting around to snag one.

heinz christmas dinner big soup

There’s a vegan version this year, too (Credit: Heinz)

According to the buzz last year, it seems that the Heinz soups actually did taste like Christmas dinner. In fact, Drew Barrymore even dubbed the original “hearty” and “yummy” on her show.

They can be heated up in two minutes, too, so they’re super (or should we say ‘soup-er’) practical.

Now, some may well turn their nose up at a Christmas Dinner Soup, but Heinz came up with the idea after conducting a survey which proved nearly a quarter of Brits who celebrate Christmas would eat Christmas dinner every day if they could.

Bahar Kiransa, Marketing Manager, Heinz Soups said: “After last year’s reaction to Heinz Christmas Dinner Big Soup, bringing it back again this year was a no brainer.

heinz christmas dinner big soup

The Heinz Christmas Dinner Big Soup sold out in seconds last year (Credit: Heinz)

“So, we are so excited to relaunch our sensational seasonal addition to Heinz’s Big Soup family, and this time on a much larger scale, with a vegan version, too.

“We’ve been hard at work all year perfecting our recipes for both the meat and vegan versions.

“We are particularly proud to be introducing the vegan version this year, as everyone deserves to be able to try the delicious flavours of our much-loved Heinz Christmas Dinner Soup.”

Whilst we’d always encourage roasting a turkey and prepping your Christmas dinner from scratch, we will admit we’re certainly curious to try one of these bad boys…