Heinz launches hash browns filled with baked beans

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The Full English breakfast is already contentious at the best of times.

Us Brits bloody love it, but there are some folks over seas who just don’t get the concept of eating so much potatoes and beans for breakfast (those poor, poor souls).

But Heinz have paid no heed to the naysayers. In fact, they’ve created a product which throws all their brekky qualms back in their face.

Wanna peek? Check out their new baked bean filled hash browns:

heinz baked beanz filled hash browns

Okay… this is genius (Credit: Heinz)

Yup, Heinz have come through with an incredible new product in collaboration with Iceland and The Food Warehouse, and it merges two of our favourite breakfast staples into one.

The product was first teased online by food blog, New Foods UK, who said we can expect them in Iceland and Food Warehouse stores around the country from September.

Sharing the innovation on Insta, the blog caused quite a stir, with comments flooding in from people who loved the idea of the beany hash browns, and those who weren’t too sure.

The product looks kinda like a fish finger at first glance, but it’s actually a crispy fried potato, with the welcome addition of the nation’s beloved tomatoey beans.

“HOLY MOLY,” wrote one person as they came across the launch.

As another said: “These look unreal”.

“Personally for me no no no,” said another, as a fourth agreed: “I’m not sure how I feel about this”.

But Heinz were quick to swoop in and offer their reassurance.

full english breakfast

Hash browns and beans are favourite on the Full English (Credit: Unsplash)

“These are actually peng we promise,” they wrote.

Whilst Iceland chimed in, too, commenting:”@heinz_uk have always been our peng pals”. 

(We’d normally rinse these brands for using the word peng here, but as baked bean addicts, we think it’s safe to say the word probably rings true).

We’ve reached out to Heinz for more info on the price and exact date these hash browns are launching, and we’ll update you as soon as they get back to us, but we couldn’t resist showing you guys the new launch in the meantime.

These look like the perfect way to eleate your breakfast game…