It’s official: Food scientist says chocolate shouldn’t be stored in the fridge

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It’s one of the great food debates of our time… can you put chocolate in the fridge? For years, the debate has raged on and on.

Whether you’re in the camp that keeps their chocolate in the cupboard or the fridge, you’re bound to have strong opinions on how to store chocolate.

But now a food scientist has finally cleared up the confusion once and for all…

chocolate in the fridge

Scientists advise against putting chocolate in the fridge (Credit: Alamy)

Yup, according to a new study by Galaxy, 78 percent of Brits keep chocolate in the fridge, and scientists are keen to highlight that this is actually the incorrect way to store it.

This is because humidity levels are apparently too high. Apparently, the best temperature to store chocolate is 18C.

If the chocolate is warmer than this, it begins to melt on your hands or crumble, and

Failing to meet this temperature will cause your chocolate to crumble or melt in your hands. If you cannot hear a snap when it breaks, it’s also an indicator your chocolate hasn’t been stored right, the experts explain.

Other tips to get the most out of your chocolate include eating it earlier in the day, on a fresh palate, and making sure you eat the right amount (apparently, six chunks is optimum to get your taste buds appropriately stimulated).

Six chunks of chocolate before lunch? You don’t need to tell us twice…