Iceland is selling shredded chicken coated in Nik Naks

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Do we have any Nik Nak fans in the house?

Well, listen up. Iceland has just launched Nik Nak flavoured shredded chicken in its UK stores, and it looks pretty darn delicious.

The new innovation from the frozen food giant sees chicken coated in two different flavour crumbs, both inspired by the corn-based snack.

You can get your shredded chicken breast fillet coated in Rib N Saucy flavoured Nik Naks or Nice N Spicy Nik Naks – what a treat, ey?

It’s not surprising that the products have seen some hype since they were announced, given how many people are cult fans of Nik Naks.

When food blog New Foods UK shared the products on their page, they were met with a lot of excitement.

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“NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Brand new Nik Naks Shredded Chicken coming to @icelandfoods soon! Flavours will be Rib N Saucy & Nice N Spicy!,” they wrote. “Hats off to Iceland – what an amazing product!”

“Your dream,” said one person, tagging a friend in the picture.

Whilst another wrote: “WHATTT.”

nik naks crisps

The Nik Nak flavours have a cult following (Credit: Alamy)

“This is up your street,” a third said, tagging a friend.

As a fourth enthused: “Gona need these immediately (sic).”

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We don’t have a price or an exact date for the release yet, but we’ve reached out to Iceland and we will let you know as soon as we hear back.

Safe to say, the fusion of chicken and Nik Naks has got a lot of people talking, though.

It’s certainly a combination we can get on board with. If in doubt, coat it in crisps and fry it.