Ikea has created a Swedish meatball doughnut and it’s haunting our dreams

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Listen, Ikea’s Swedish meatballs are legendary for a reason. It’s the only furniture shop that has an equally stellar reputation for its food as it does its homewares.

But as for their latest culinary creation? Let’s just say we’re not convinced…

Believe it or not, the flatpack favourites have created a Swedish meatball doughnut, and it’s been in sold in one of the brand’s US locations to mark National Donut Day.

Yep, that’s a Swedish meatball doughnut (Credit: Ikea)

The celebration takes place on June 3rd, and Ikea has teamed up with Ohio’s Butler County to create a collaborative donut to mark the occasion.

Ikea chose Ohio because of its infamous 80-mile Donut Trail, which houses 13 donut shops which visitors traditionally pop into one-by-one and collect a stamp as they go.

Ikea West Chester teamed up with Travel Butler County to create the quirky doughnut, “featuring a light and fluffy base, lingonberry glaze, lingonberry sauce” and “topped with a delectable Ikea meatball or plant-based ball.”

Yep, you read that correctly. A savoury meatball.

ikea swedish meatballs

Ikea Swedish meatballs are legendary (Credit: Alamy)

“It’s something you need to try,” Kitalena Mason, loyalty manager for Ikea West Chester, said as she announced the collaboration.

“This is a new take on iconic Ikea flavours and we’re excited to join the legendary Donut Trail in celebrating National Donut Day this year.”

Thanks Kitalena, but no thanks.

These meatball donuts will be offered in West Chester Ikea store on June 3rd and 4th between 11am and 3pm.

Fortunately for us Brits, the doughnuts will only be available in the Ohio store, so the rest of us won’t be able to try them.

We can guarantee the very idea of them is going to be haunting us for a long while, though…

ikea swedish meatballs

Ikea Ohio is the only location selling the doughnuts (Credit: Alamy)

If you fancy some Swedish meatballs *without* the addition of a doughnut, then short of heading down to your local Ikea, you can actually knock it together yourself at home.

In case you missed it, the department store released the recipe for the meatballs over lockdown one, and since then people have been relishing creating the dish from the comfort of their Ikea decked houses.

You can find the recipe for that here.