Is It Cake?: People are saying Netflix’s new game show is so bad it’s good

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Remember that meme where people would cut into stuff, and it would actually be cake? We still have nightmares about that time.

Well, ICYMI, Netflix has now found a way to immortalise the zeitgeist moment in TV game show form. Introducing: Is It Cake? 

The competition, hosted by actor Mikey Day, does exactly what it says on the tin. It invites a team of bakers to knock up cakes that look like every-day objects, and asks panelists to try and decipher which is actually a baked good, from outward appearance alone.

The big reveal comes at the end when both objects are cut into Saturday Night Live favourite, Mikey – occasionally with a samurai sword, no less.

is it cake? netflix mike day

Yep, that’s Mike Day with a samurai sword (Credit: Netflix)

Picture four beef burgers standing proudly on plinths, except one is actually a Victoria Sponge. Picture cries of disbelief as a cake is revealed (even though it’s the literal premise of the show); and picture animated viewers at home, hollering: “How did they miss the icing on that!”

As well as all the cake cutting drama, the episodes mostly comprise of highly skilled bakers showing they make a cake look like trainers, bucket hats, and tacos… in case you ever wanted to give that a try at your next dinner party.

Then, when the cake is revealed, the winning baker has to pick between two bags of money and, like the judges, they win if they can distinguish which isn’t bag is in fact legit, and not baked with sugar, flour and eggs.

There’s no denying the whole thing is pure, unadulterated silliness.

is it cake? netflix

Netflix’s Is It Cake? is as bonkers as it sounds (Credit: Netflix)

Currently sitting in the top 10 trending shows in the UK, it’s clear Is It Cake? is doing something right, by virtue of not doing anything except replicating a two year old TikTok trend.

Pretty much everyone online is in agreement that the show is utterly bonkers – rubbish, even – but the best part is that many still seem inclined to binge the whole thing.

Reacting to the series, one person wrote: “Television has peaked. #IsItCake is a masterpiece. A terrible, so bad it‘s good again, masterpiece.”

While another concurred: “Is it cake on Netflix is the worst show I’ve ever seen I plan on watching every single second”.


Credit: Twitter

“Just discovered ‘Is it Cake?’ on Netflix. What fresh, potentially addictive nonsense is this?!,” wrote a third. 

As a fourth rather poetically added: “Is it cake on Netflix is proof that shit tele is fuckin class (sic)”.

Netflix, keep the trashy baking shows coming. The people are here for them.