KFC South Korea is selling a blue mint chocolate dipping sauce to eat with chicken

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We’re constantly envying what fast food joints are serving abroad, whether it’s McDonald’s parmesan chunks in Italy or KFC’s breakfast congee in Singapore.

But very few menu items have piqued our interest quite like KFC has, with its latest release – a blue mint chocolate dipping sauce… to go with fried chicken.

A collab between KFC and food delivery service, Baemin, the sauce is meant to celebrate the combination of sweet and savoury, and we’re so intrigued about how it tastes.

kfc blue mint dipping sauce

KFC’s blue mint choc dipping sauce (Credit: KFC South Korea)

It might sound a little crazy, but mint chocolate is all the rave in South Korea at the moment, so it isn’t surprising that the chicken chain is jumping on the hype.

There are also mint choc products in Starbucks Korea, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

The dip’s bright bluey-green colour is not only eye-catching, but its a nod to Baemin’s branding, where it features heavily.

KFC describe the dip as a “refreshing taste of dark sweet chocolate and mint”, and whilst we’re still not convinced it would go that well with chicken, it’s so far going down a treat on social media – even if primarily for its novelty value.

The dip is available as a limited edition purchase until August 8th, and is only available in select stores in South Korea, with no plans in the pipelines to bring it over here.


KFC Korea mint chocolate chicken 🍃

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“We hope people can have a brand new KFC experience with the Baemin mint chocolate set menus which consist of KFC’s popular chicken and burgers,” said an official from KFC South Korea, of the launch.

We don’t think we’ve ever been so curious to try a foreign menu item as this… and we’re not alone.

“I wanna try that mint chocolate kfc sauce so bad,” echoed one person on social media. 

Whilst another wrote: “That looks like goddamn toothpaste but damn I would try it“.

Some were less convinced, though, with another Twitter user saying they’d need “a million dollars” to try the dip.

A fourth said: “Just when you thought the world had reached peak weirdness….”

We definitely can’t argue that this is a little bonkers. Still, don’t knock it until you try it, right?