KFC is trialling Kentucky fried chicken nuggets for the first time in the US

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KFC has announced that it is debuting its “very first” Kentucky fried chicken nugget.

Yep, the high-street chicken shop has literally never sold herb and spice ‘nugs before, but on the 18th July, the chain finally added them to their menu over in the US.

Available in select restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina, there’s no word on whether the nuggets will be rolling out nationwide or globally, yet.

ATM, North Carolina locals are the only lucky customers who can try them for themselves.

Although, we’d be surprised if the view wasn’t to sell them more widely, if the initial launch is a success.

kfc chicken nuggets

KFC launched spiced chicken nuggets for the first time (Credit: KFC)

According to KFC, the ‘nugs are “made with 100 percent white meat and hand-breaded with KFC’s unique original recipe of 11 herbs and spices.”

They can be ordered as an appetiser, snack, or side, and can be ordered in portions of eight, 12 and 36, depending how hungry you are.

The nugget drop comes as KFC did actually offer up a plant based nugget earlier this year in the States, using Beyond Meat.


KFC is finally getting on the nugget hype (Credit: Alamy)

They’ve also previously sold iterations of nugget before, but never chicken breast nuggets flavoured with KFC’s iconic herbs and spices, like these ones.

Reports suggest that if the ‘nugs go down well, they have the potential to replace popcorn chicken on menus.

“We’re targeting younger customers, like Gen Z and Millennials, who are interested in boneless chicken options,” said KFC spokesperson said to CNN about the launch. 

kfc popcorn chicken

The ‘nugs could replace popcorn chicken if they do well (Credit: KFC)

Chris Scott, head chef at KFC US, added to Yahoo Finance that the launch is “a really big deal”, which they hoped would introduce “a whole new generation to original recipe.”

Are they really that different from the popcorn chicken? Only time will tell.

But if we lived in North Carolina, we’d be heading to our local KFC to try these sharpish, to get our verdict in.