You can now get KFC flavoured popcorn

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We always struggle to pick between sweet and salty popcorn, but now there’s another flavour in the mix.

KFC and Proper Snacks have collaborated to create a brand new finger lickin’ flavour of popcorn, and we’re so into it.

Yup, forget popcorn chicken, how about chicken popcorn? It’s popcorn that literally tastes like fried chicken…

The popcorn is buttered and then seasoned in KFC’s 11 herbs and spices.

kfc proper corn popcorn

KFC flavoured popcorn is here (Credit: KFC)

It’s dropping in Co-op stores on Wednesday (August 23rd), and the popcorn costs £1 or £1.80, depending on the size you go for (you can grab a 70g or a 20g bag).

It’ll be launching in all the top supermarkets shortly after its debut on shelves, so don’t fear if you don’t have a Co-op near you.

Founder of Proper Snacks, Cassandra Stavrou, said of the launch: “This is a huge moment for Proper Snacks. Our take on the finger-lickin’ classic brings a little extra seasoning to your go-to snack.”

Meanwhile, KFC’s innovation director, Kate Wall, added: “This partnership is about combining two iconic products to bring the world Popcorn Chicken… Popcorn, so that people can enjoy our distinctive taste in new ways.

“This collaboration pushes the boundaries of taste and texture in a fun and exciting way and we can’t wait for our fans to try it.”

kfc proper corn popcorn

Anyone for finger lickin’ popcorn? (Credit: KFC)

Whilst you might not expect it of fried chicken popcorn, the product is actually vegan and gluten-free, so everyone can try it.

To mark the launch of the new product, Proper Snacks is launching a new concept in Brick Lane in London’s east end, too.

Essentially an arcade game called ‘The Proper Dropper,’ the event will be held between the first and the third of September and will give people the change to dive into a giant pit where thousands of free Proper snacks available to win.

There will also be thousands of pounds worth of KFC and Proper vouchers to be won, too.

Get on it, folks!

Featured image: KFC/ Proper Snacks