KFC faces backlash over fried chicken incense sticks in Thailand

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KFC just teased the release of fried chicken incense sticks with its audience in Thailand.

The new innovation was announced on KFC Thailand’s social media, as they shared a picture of incense that not only looks like fried chicken but reportedly smells just like Colonel Sanders’ 11 herbs and spices.

But it was quickly scrubbed from the internet after the campaign begun to receive backlash – and not just from people who didn’t want their homes to smell like fried chicken.

Here’s the lowdown…

kfc thailand incense

KFC Thailand’s incense campaign has been removed (Credit: KFC)

KFC’s fried chicken incense controversy

Whilst KFC Thailand originally shared a video on its Insta teasing the fried chicken incense, it has since been taken down and there’s no trace of it on any official platforms.

There’s no word from KFC, but this is likely because of the backlash the campaign received, given it was launched as a means of marking Chinese New Year.

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Many accused the fast food brand of appropriation, and criticised a lack of understanding around incense in the Chinese culture (it’s often used in prayer and to honour the dead).

The product went so viral that Ho Ching, wife of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, posted about the incense sticks on her Facebook page with the baffled caption: “Wah…”

KFC is yet to release a statement on the controversy. Twisted has reached out to them for comment.

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Whilst this campaign was over before it begun, KFC has previously released scents inspired by their products, including a gravy candle which dropped here in the UK back in 2019.

Intrigued? Check that out below…

The brand has also  launched a fried chicken-scented candle in New Zealand, although the release was super limited and only 25 were made.

Plus, KFC even made a friend chicken-scented bath bomb over in Japan. What could be better than bathing in chicken-y bubbles, right?

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The KFC incense was never meant to be put up for sale, though there was a hint that it could have been available as a gift via KFC Delivery.

It’s proof that some ideas should really be left on the drawing board…