KFC Original Mashies return to Australia menus

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KFC has brought back Original Mashies for the first time in 12 years over in Australia, and it’s safe to say people are excited about it.

Yup, the fried chicken giant is bringing back the mini mashed potato pieces, which come covered in their famous combination of herbs and spices.

They haven’t been available Down Under since 2011, so you can imagine there has been a fair amount of demand for some potatoey goodness.

There’s even been a petition!

kfc mashies

KFC Mashies are back in Aus (Credit: KFC)

The Mashies come with KFC’s iconic gravy dipping sauce. We mean, potatoes and gravy… what’s not to love?!

The KFC Original Mashies will be available across KFC stores from Tuesday, May 16th to June 12th.

It comes after much speculation about their return, with headlines first cropping up back in March.

Aussie customers will be able to bag a six or 12-pack of the Original Mashies, and they also come as a side in the Original Mashies Box.

kfc mashies

The Mashies come with dunking gravy (Credit: KFC)

“We’re always looking to delight KFC fans by introducing tasty new feeds or bringing back fan favourites, which is why for the first time in 12 years, Original Mashies will be available on menus nationwide,” said KFC’s Australian CMO, Sally Spriggs.

“After being reintroduced as a test last year to restaurants in Tasmania for a limited time, fans across the country have been vocal in calling for the Original Mashies’ return, but get in quick as you never know when they’ll be back again.”

Food blogger, Russ Eats, shared the news last week in a video which has since racked up hundreds of thousands of views.


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“Omg can’t wait, the mashies OG are the bomb…,” said one. “They should have it permanently on the menu.”

Meanwhile, another wrote: “Ohhh hell yeah!”

Unfortunately for us Brits, there aren’t plans to bring the Mashies back over here yet, but here’s hoping they sense the excitement and extend the love.