KFC is releasing a perfume that smells like fried chicken

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Ever wanted to smell like fried chicken? Errr, yeah, us neither.

But for those who might fancy it, KFC has just released a limited edition scent, named No 11 Eau De BBQ.

Yup, the perfume is said to smell of 'smoky goodness,' and capture an 'irresistible' aroma of the high-street chicken chain.

KFC itself also dubs it the 'scent of spring', which is a bold claim, but we love the confidence...

kfc perfume eau de bbq KFC's BBQ scented perfume has just launched (Credit: KFC)

It might sound a little random, but the perfume comes with notes of smoky wood and charcoal, which actually sounds quite nice, tbh.

"The lingering base notes create a woody, earthy foundation that promises to make your mouth water for the taste of BBQ. But No 11 is more than just a fragrance – it's a celebration of flavour," a KFC rep teases.

It dropped in an 100ml bottle on pre-order and set buyers back £11, with the proceeds going to the KFC Foundation.

The foundation supports grassroots organisations around the UK which are "empowering young people to unleash their potential and build a positive future".

So, at the very least those who purchased have a funny present for a pal, and help a good cause!

kfc perfume eau de bbq Err, interesting promo image, right? (Credit: KFC)

Whilst the perfume is already sold out, the good news (we think?!) is there's a second scent dropping on the 7th May, which you can cop.

You can make sure you're speedy to order that by clicking here when it drops on the KFC shop.

 "At KFC, we’re all about thinking outside the (burger) box, so, naturally, when we created a burger so irresistible, we had to bottle it! Behold, No 11 Eau de BBQ – capturing the mouth-watering scent of our brand-new Ultimate BBQ burger, which allows you to sizzle with every spritz," said a rep.

"This one is for the real die-hard KFC and BBQ fans because who said fragrance can't also be finger lickin’ good?"

kfc perfume eau de bbq The smoky scent is limited edition (Credit: KFC)

The perfume is launching in celebration of the The Ultimate BBQ Burger, which landed in KFC stores today.

It's a sandwich made with a crispy chicken fillet, cheese and lettuce, alongside a drizzle of BBQ sauce.

You'll be able to get your hands on it until June 9th.

Featured image: KFC