KFC launches an £198 ‘insulated handbag’ to keep Twister Wraps warm

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

If we asked you to name the big fashion designers of the world, you’d likely think of Prada, Gucci, YSL…

One name that probably wouldn’t come to mind is KFC – errr, obviously – but believe it or not the fast-food restaurant actually is trying to make it into the world of fashion, at least temporarily.

The brand has launched a luxury handbag to celebrate the arrival of its new £1.98 Twister Wrap of the day deal, and they’re not messing around on quality.

KFC’s ‘Wrapuette’ Bag, is giving us Y2K energy (Credit: KFC)

The bag has been conceptualised by Savile Row artisans and made with real Italian leather.

It’s the same shape as Prada’s iconic Baguette bag, and even makes a cheeky reference to its inspiration, as the fast-food giants have dubbed it the ‘Wrapuette Bag’.

Not only is the bright-red handbag stylish (well, kinda?) it’s also practical. It’s expertly crafted with layers that keep it insulating, so that KFC super-fans can stuff their Twister Wrap inside and keep it warm after picking it up from their local branch.

Pretty genius, eh?

Practical *and* stylish (Credit: KFC)

The Colonel Sanders fronted chain say the bag is set to be “the latest addition to the fashion world” and “dedicated to the seamless transportation of your Twister Wrap”.

Some might call this an ambitious claim, but we admire it nonetheless.

The real clincher is the price, though, at a whopping £198 (that’s 100 times more than the wrap deal, itself). You could buy yourself a real designer bag with that.

Still, we guarantee there are some hardcore KFC fanatics willing to shell out.

The bag has been designed to keep a Twister wrap warm (Credit: Instagram/ KFC)

All proceeds from the bags go to the KFC Foundation, which “provides grants to support grassroots organisations in the heart of communities” near the restaurants chain’s branches.

Got a lot of cash to burn and a Twister Wrap you don’t want to get cold? Well, you can do your best to grab a bag by joining a waiting list, here. 

Yes, that’s right, there is a waiting list (we told you some KFC fans would be all over this…).

Describing the handbag on its website, KFC write: “With inspiration taken from the iconic shape of the Y2K Baguette and a classic regal red finish, this bag oozes style and sophistication, far beyond the reaches of any designer.”

Let’s just hope it doesn’t ooze Twister sauce, too.