Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Bar is hosting a bottomless crisp butty buffet with over 30 flavours and brands


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Phoebe Egoroff

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A northern bar has garnered interest from crisp lovers after announcing that they’ll be hosting a series of bottomless crisp butty buffets for customers.

The buffets will come with thousands of packets in over thirty flavours so they can customise as they please… sounds proper mouth-watering, right?

Yorkshire’s Kicks Bar & Grill is set to host the 90-minute long bottomless buffet sessions over the summer, giving crisp fans the chance to snack on their favourite flavours of Space Invaders, Discos, NikNaks, Chipsticks, Monster Munch, and Hula Hoops.

Oooft, what a selection.

Reasonably priced at a cool £12.95 for those who pre-book (or £15 on the door) munchers will receive unlimited packets of crisps and can even make their own crisp butties with some lovely thick, white bread and creamy butter. Dreamy.

Obviously, there will be plenty of drinks to quench your thirst, from craft beers to fruity cocktails, and a live DJ to keep the good vibes coming.

As for the dress code? The Hoot reports that guests should wear their “comfiest snack-eating attire.” Sounds like heaven if you ask me. 

Crisp lovers should expect thousands upon thousands of bags of crisps, with upwards of 30 different flavours and brands to choose from, as well as the necessary ingredients to make the best crisp butty combination. 

Crisp butties for everyone (Credit: Alamy)

An announcement by the bar posted on its website reads: “Get ready to munch and crunch at our Bottomless Crisp Buffet for 90 minutes! Indulge in all your favourite current and retro crisps including Space Invaders, Discos, NikNaks, Hula Hoops and more! And don’t forget the bread and butter to make crisp butties.

“And as you enjoy your crisps, don’t miss out on our fantastic bar menu full of hand-crafted cocktails and beers!”

The fun doesn’t stop there as there’s a live DJ who is promising “cheesy hits,” whilst you chow down on your crisp sandwiches.

“Dress in your comfiest snack-eating attire and get ready to enjoy the night with friends, while munching on the best crisps,” they add. “Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind party experience! Get your tickets now before they sell out!”

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t manage to snag a ticket – there are several dates to choose from in April, May and June!

Brb, my mouth is watering…

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