Kim Kardashian’s daughter just rinsed her cooking ability

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It will come as a surprise to precisely nobody that billionaire Kim Kardashian has a personal chef. We mean… duh, and water is wet.

But it was hilarious nonetheless for her daughter, Chicago, to inadvertently roast her for it in a Mother’s Day card.

Yup, on an assignment named ‘All About My Mom’, Chi had to answer a series of questions about her famous parent, and she appeared to throw some inadvertent shade.

Under the question, ‘best thing she cooks is,’ she responded: “Mum doesn’t cook. She has a chef.” Ooooft.

kim kardashian grilled cheese chicago chef

Kim’s daughter shaded her in a Mother’s Day tribute (Credit: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian)

Now, this could be read as a bit of a flex, but Kim was keen to prove she did have some skills in the kitchen after receiving the gift from her daughter.

She went on to share a picture of herself in the White House kitchen (casual), preparing a grilled cheese for her daughter, North, who was six at the time.

Another pic shows the grilled cheese sitting half eaten on a White House dish.

“That one time in the White House kitchen when I actually cooked a grilled cheese,” Kim wrote. “…way before Chi’s time!”

The pictures are certainly a throwback to boast about, but not everybody was convinced Kim proved her cooking ability as well as she intended.

“‘Cooked’ a grilled cheese?,” wrote one person alongside a laughing emoji.

Whilst another penned: “Yeahhh you assembled a grilled cheese, you didn’t cook one.”

“Probably cuts a tomato like Kendall cuts a cucumber,” joked a third.

As a fourth joked: “They really said pick up whatever piece of food and a large bread knife and pose.”

kim kardashian grilled cheese chicago chef

Kim’s grilled cheese didn’t win everyone over (Credit: Insstagram/ Kim Kardashian)

Kim does claim to have some cooking skills, or at least she claims to.

She did a Beyond Meat advert towards the end of last year in which she told how she regularly made the brand’s chick’n nuggets as a “go to for a quick meal” for her kids.

Sure you do, Kim. Sure. 

The clip saw Kim preparing the plant-based nuggets in an air-fryer, telling viewers (in a not at all scripted scene) that you can create a delicious meal in only ten minutes. 

kim kardashian beyond meat advert

Does anyone believe that Kim makes her kids vegan nuggets for dinner? (Credit: Beyond Meat)

But it’s fair to say the majority of her followers weren’t buying that she had ever laid a finger in her pristine kitchen, either. 

“You should decline offers like this is absolutely laughable… you guys cant even cut veggies lol,” said one. 

Whilst another simply wrote: “We don’t believe you, Kim”.

“I think Beyond Meat should have paid someone who actually cooks… or should have recruited Kim’s chefs for the advert,” said a third. 

Seems like Chicago has just confirmed everyones suspicions.

Featured image credit: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian