KitKat to release limited edition Churro flavour

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

KitKat has officially announced its latest summer flavour, and it sounds like a dream.

Yup, straight off the back of its Hazelnut Cream flavour, which dropped in the UK just days ago, our friends over the pond are now being treated to a Mexican inspired banger: introducing the KitKat Churro.

Hitting American shelves on National Churro Day (which is June 6th, for those who don’t have it in the cal), the chocolate bar is basically two of our favourite things rolled into one.

As with all Kit Kats, the bar is made using traditional wafers, but the filling has been replaced with a buttery, sweet and sugary cinnamon churro creme – drool.

It’s chocolatey too, naturally, with flavours that are meant to emulate deep fried dough.

kitkat churro

KitKat Churro is here (Credit: Nestlé)

After KitKat shared the news on Instagram, it’s safe to say that people were excited.

“Omg I want these churros are my favourite,” wrote one.

Whilst another penned: “Oooooooo I want.”

“You should keep them available year round!,” a third chimed in.

The bar will be available in three sizes, depending how hungry you are. There will be the standard, a king-sized variety, and smaller snack sizes, too.

kitkat churro

KitKat Churro tastes like… you guessed it: Churros! (Credit: Unsplash)

“We love seeing fan’s responses to our limited-edition KitKat flavours – especially one as universally loved as churros,” said Alex Herzog, Associate KitKat Brand Manager as the bar’s release was confirmed.

“We hope that every bite of the buttery, churro flavour and familiar crispy crunch of our wafers unlocks memories of the delightful experience of enjoying freshly baked churros from the boardwalk stand, amusement park, or the local fair.”

The flavour is the latest in a string of inventive new drops from KitKat. Last year, a Blueberry Muffin flavour hit the shelves and was an absolute hit, whilst we’ve also seen the likes of Birthday Cake and Lemon Crisp varieties fly off the shelves.

We currently don’t have confirmation of the KitKat Churro flavour making it over to the UK any time soon, but we’ll keep you in the loop as soon as we find a way to get our hands on it.