KitKat Milkybar is now available in the UK

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If you asked us to name two of our favourite chocolate bars, KitKat and Milkybar would undoubtedly be at the top of the list.

So, you can imagine our excitement when we learnt the two cupboard favourites have been mashed up together to create a brand new fan favourite – the Milkybar KitKat.

What a time to be alive, ey?

The KitKat Milkybar is basically exactly as it sounds. It’s the same crunchy KitKat biscuits we know and love, but instead of the milk chocolate coating, you can expect a white chocolate shell – the very same used in Nestlé’s Milkybar chocolate.

The new KitKat chocolate bar launched in 7-Eleven stores in Australia back in April, and two more variations are dropping this month.

As well as the Milkybar KitKat finger bars, Australian shoppers can now buy a block and a Milkybar KitKat share pack, with a supermarket rollout beginning this month.

But don’t be getting FOMO, the good news is that the KitKat Milkybars are finally available here in the UK, too.

milkybar kitkat

Our Milkybar KitKat dreams have come true (Credit: Nestle)

Whilst they’re not on supermarket shelves just yet, sweet toothed shoppers can bag them over on international snack website, Bon Bon Shop.

A 45g bigger bar will set you back £2.99, a 160g block will cost £6.99 and a small two finger bar will cost 80p (but expect them to sell out hella fast).

Shipping starts at £3.50 depending where you live, so admittedly you are paying a pretty penny for some chocolate – but, hey, it’s limited edition and all that.

When food blog @NewFoodsUK shared news of the drop, it’s fair to say that people were excited.

“OMFG imagine,” said one, tagging a mate.

Whilst another wrote: “Wow wow wow.”

“Omggggggggg I need,” a third admirer of the chocolate gushed.

As a fourth wrote: “I need, I want, I must try.”

Nestlé Marketing Manager Confectionery Shannon Wright said of the launch back in March: “We know that both KitKat and Milkybar have loyal fans who love each of them for their unique choc taste – we can’t wait to see what they think of this iconic collaboration of the two!”

“In bringing together not just Australia’s #1 chocolate bar but our favourite white chocolate too, this exciting mash-up, introduces a delicious addition to the KitKat range in Australia and lets fans enjoy their favourite break with a new milk twist.”     

Those of you lucky enough to be in Australia will be able to bag all three varieties of the Milkybar KitKat from Coles supermarkets from May 3rd, if you haven’t already bagged one in a 7-Eleven. 

Brb whilst we stock up on these, stat.