Krispy Kreme is making doughnuts for dogs

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Does your doggo deserve a treat? Well, look no further, because Krispy Kreme has just announced the release of a brand new product – and it’s not for humans.

The doughnut brand is bringing out a box of the sweet treats specifically for dogs. The product is only available in the US for a limited time, to mark National Dog Day on August 26th.

In collaboration with Australian brand, Doggie Doughnuts, this means Krispy Kreme will be selling many doughnuts in its most popular flavours, but created for a canine palate.

Flavours include Original Glazed, Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Sprinkles, Chocolate Iced, Strawberry Sprinkles, and Chocolate Cheesecake.

krispy kreme dog doughnut

Krispy Kreme’s dog doughnuts are hitting the US (Credit: Krispy Kreme)

What lucky pups!

“Our dogs have given us so much love and comfort to help us through these last couple of years. They deserve this special treat,” said Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Kreme.

“On National Dog Day this Friday, give your furry friend something pawsome.”

Doggie Doughnuts are dog friendly (obvs), designed by Huds and Toke, an Australia-based pet treat company.

Each Doggie Doughnut contains a hard-baked cookie filled with ingredients like Carob, which is a chocolate substitute. Plus, you can find peanuts, among other ingredients.

krispy kreme dog doughnuts

Your dog is in for a treat (Credit: Krispy Kreme)

Available at all Krispy Kreme shops and drive thrus this weekend, until stocks last, the doughnuts are to be eaten as snacks rather than doggy meals, much in the same way we wouldn’t expect to get by on doughnuts alone (well, not most of the time, anyway).

They’re safe for dogs of all sizes and ages and breeds to consume, so nobody has to miss out on the fun.

Unfortunately for UK dog owners, the products won’t be making it over here at this time.

However, there are plenty of similar treats you can feed your doggo, too.

Dog treats in the UK


Doggy doughnuts are available in the UK too (Credit: Etsy/ BUDDYSBAKERYDOGTREAT)

Over on Etsy, you can get UK based dog doughnuts for just £1.80, made with apple and peanut butter biscuits from seller @

Plus, you can also buy your doggy pick ‘n’ mix from seller MrBakers, with the likes of Chicken Chew Bars, Milk chews, Pink and White Jazzies, Giant Jazzies and Chocolate Mice (dog friendly, of course).