Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Krispy Kreme wants to pay someone £500 to be their official ‘Jaffanut’ taste tester


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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Krispy Kreme wants to pay someone to be its official Jaffanut taste tester.

Yup, as if the concept of a Jaffa Cake doughnut hybrid wasn’t exciting enough, the chain now wants to give someone £500 to sample them.

The lucky applicant will be tasked with making sure that the Jaffanuts match the taste of McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, and will involve them sampling the doughnuts at a variety of local Krispy Kreme stores.

If you’re still on the fence about entering (why?!), the winning contender also gets a year’s worth of free Krispy Kreme doughnuts, too.

jaffanut krispy kreme

A glimpse inside the Jaffanut (Credit: Krispy Kreme)

Doesn’t get much sweeter than that, right?

To enter, you have to show a bit of creative flair. The folks at Krispy Kreme want someone to make a TikTok explaining why they’re the biggest Jaffa Cake fan.

You’ve gotta be from the UK to apply, as that’s where the Jaffanuts are being sold.


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Krispy Kreme hasn’t put a deadline on their competition, so if we were you we’d get in there quickly, as the applications are already stacking up.

The creator that gets the most engagements (so likes, comments and shares), will be the winner – so it’s important to make yourself stand out somehow if you want that cash prize and dream gig.

Whether that’s jumping out of a ball pit filled with Jaffanuts or showing off your McVities snack collection, it’s all about proving you’re the expert for the job.

In case you need more info on the Jaffanut (which, we regret to inform you, means you probably aren’t qualified), it’s been around since September 5th, in every Krispy Kreme outlet in the UK.

krispy kreme jaffanut

Krispy Kreme’s Jaffanut is available in the UK (Credit: Krispy Kreme)

The Jaffanut is made up of Krispy Kreme’s “signature soft dough”, which has been filled with Jaffa Cakes’ beloved orange flavoured filling. Plus, it’s topped with a delicious dark chocolate glaze.

Basically, expect the sweet, spongey doughnut you know and love, but with some added citrusy zest.

If you’re already an avid fan then what are you waiting for? Get on TikTok and apply now.
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