Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Lidl launches ice cream that has sent Biscoff lovers into a frenzy


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by James Kay

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The sweet taste of Biscoff is something that we’ll never get tired of, and now Lidl is on hand to satisfy our tastes even more.

Yup, the summer months are upon us, and that usually means consuming tub loads of ice cream.

Everyone has their favourite frozen treat – but thanks to the team over at Lidl, there is a new frontrunner for the ice cream of the summer award (that should definitely exist).

This delectable dessert will satisfy Biscoff lovers across the country, as Lidl have released their Gelatelli Premium Speculoos Ice Creams.

Lidl have launched Biscoff Ice Cream.

Head to Lidl to grab a box of three ice creams for just £2.49. (Credit: Lidl)

Yes, they taste as good as they sound.

The ice creams consist of a rich, velvety speculoos-swirled ice cream centre coated in lashings of speculoos sauce and a layer of decadent milk chocolate with speculoos pieces… YUM.

So on those hot days when you really need to cool down, you can head straight to your freezer to get your crunchy caramel Biscoff fix.

To add to the excitement, the Gelatelli Premium Speculoos Ice Creams won’t melt your pocket because a pack of three only costs £2.49!

It’s safe to say that this scoop has gotten people all excited, as people have even taken to TikTok to stress how good these frozen delights are.

It truly is a great time to be a Biscoff lover, as Mcdonald’s has launched their Biscoff McFlurry today.

Costing £1.99 for a regular size, or £1.49 for a mini, this is the first time UK customers can try the Biscoff McFlurry after it has successful residencies in other parts of the world.

The product is made from the brand’s iconic soft serve ice cream and comes drizzled with Biscoff sauce and crumbles of Biscoff biscuits.

mcdonalds new menu summer biscoff mcflurry

The Biscoff McFlurry is coming… (Credit: McDonald’s)

So this summer you can have no fear, as there are always Biscoff treats on hand to satisfy your sweet tooth!

The Gelatelli Premium Speculoos Ice Creams are on sale now and are available while stocks last… so don’t walk to Lidl – run!

Featured image: Lidl / VLADISLAV BOGUTSKI / Unsplash

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