Lidl is selling an outdoor pizza oven and it’s an absolute steal

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If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your garden parties this summer then listen up.

Lidl has just dropped an outdoor pizza oven that’s under £40, and it’s good enough to rival some of the big names on the market.

Yep, The Grillmeister BBQ Pizza Oven has just landed on shelves at the budget supermarket, and it pops on top of your barbecue so you can cook your own homemade (or store bought) pizzas in a matter of minutes.

You can use the oven on gas and charcoal barbecues and it comes with a thermometer as well as a  removable pizza stone to ensure you nail your pizzas every time.

lidl bbq pizza oven

ThIs BBQ pizza oven is a summer essential (Credit: Lidl)

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The stone is meant to absorb moisture from the pizza so that you nail that crispy base.

Available online and in store, the grill will set you back £39.99, which is an absolute steal compared to other pizza ovens out there.

To give you some contest, Argos’ BBQ pizza oven will set you back £60, a model from the brand Haven also costs £59.99 from Robert Dyas.

Those who want to splash out can go for The Bushbeck Pizza Oven Italia, which is standalone and doesn’t attach to a barbecue.

It has a chrome grill rack, a fancy ceramic pizza stone and an integrated thermometer, and will set you back £149.99 from the budget supermarket.

lidl bbq pizza oven

Anyone for a pizza party? (Credit: Lidl)

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Lidl is really vouching on everyone having pizza parties this year, as their new garden range also features a pizza cutter (£4.99) and a pizza paddle (£9.99) for pulling your pizzas out of the oven.

The new range is arriving in Lidl stores tomorrow (Thursday 20th April) as part of its Middle of Lidl garden section.

It will only be available whilst stocks last, and we have a feeling it is gonna fly of shelves, so, GO, GO, GO!

There are plenty more kitchen staples coming up on Lidl’s middle aisle soon, including an air fryer for £119.99 and a waffle maker for £20.

If you need us, we’ll be filling our boots all of these essentials.

Pizza party at ours!