Lilt bottles listed for £100 on eBay after it’s discontinued

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You may well have felt a little twinge of nostalgia when it was announced that Lilt was being discontinued from shelves.

Hell, you may even have run down to your local shop and grabbed one of the tropical drinks before it disappeared.

But would you buy a bottle of it in eBay for a hundred quid? No, we thought not…

lilt discontinued ebay

Lilt is being sold on eBay already (Credit: eBay)

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Believe it or not, that’s what the fizzy drink is being flogged for online (or, at least, people are trying to do just that.)

A 500ml bottle on has been spotted on eBay for a jaw dropping £100. The bottle can be seen to display the drink’s original logo and hasn’t been opened.

Upselling the drink a little dramatically in the description, the user wrote: “The last bottles before it disappears forever get your last tase of that lovely lilt before it becomes a distant memory of the past.

“Absolute travesty…,” they went on. “Never forget Lilt and enjoy it one last time before it becomes history.”

We’re no closer to spending a hundred bucks on the bottle, but we can’t say this didn’t pull on our heart-strings.

lilt discontinued

Lilt has now been rebranded as Fanta (Credit: Coca Cola)

Whilst the £100 Lilt is an extreme example, there are a bunch of overpriced bottles and cans which join it on eBay, just days after the drink was discontinued.

A solitary can of the soft drink is also on there for just shy of £20, but both of these are swamped by several sellers offering 24 cans for £25.

First rule of business… always eye up the competition.

The funniest thing about this whole palarva is that Lilt isn’t actually going anywhere. Well, not really. 

Lilt loyalists will still be able to enjoy their favourite drink under a new Fanta Pineapple and Grapefruit label. In fact, Coca Cola has announced that the ingredients and flavour won’t change at all.

Suspicion first arose of Lilt’s axe after cans were redesigned using the Fanta font last year. Sure enough, the slow transition into Fanta bottles was in action, and now Coca Cola has gone the whole hog.

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lilt discontinued

Lilt was a supermarket staple for almost 50 years (Credit: Lilt)

Reacting to the news on social media, it’s fair to say that the news had hit some people hard.

“Our rational minds told us this day may come, but our hearts always held onto hope,” said Love Island’s Georgia Townend. “Our beloved Lilt has succumbed to gentrification of the worst kind.”

Meanwhile, another wrote: “I shall of course be moaning about the death of Lilt for weeks, despite not having drunk it since 1987, which was about the last time I had a Marathon and an Opal Fruit.”

“Lilt dead… yet Vanilla Coke lives on. Strange world,” said a third.

Fans of Lilt will likely remember the adverts featuring ‘Lilt man delivering cans of the fizzy drinks to those on a beach.

In the 1990s, advertising switched to show two Jamaican women dubbed the Lilt ladies, who became the face of the brand. They were played by Blanche Williams and Hazel Palmer.

RIP Lilt, gone but not forgotten.