Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Biscoff KitKat Chunky bars have finally landed in UK supermarkets


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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UK Biscoff fanatics, get ready, because KitKat has a treat for you.

The brand’s much hyped Biscoff KitKat Chunky bars are officially available in Tesco stores *right now* – making their debut after a very successful launch in Australia.

In case you aren’t familiar with the oh-so-popular chocolate bar, it’s essentially a classic KitKat Chunky wafer finger, with a delicious layer of Lotus Biscoff spread sandwiched inside.

The bar is then covered in the KitKat milk chocolate we know and love, making a pretty unreal mouthful of cocoa and speculoos goodness.

Um, *hello* Biscoff centre (Credit: Nestle/ KitKat)

(Seriously, we could eat these bad boys for days.)

We don’t need to tell you the fanbase that Lotus Biscoff has over in the UK.

Practically any product with the caramelised biscuit in it flies off the shelves, and over on TikTok, people have even been making their own recipes with the stuff – knocking up everything from Biscoff lasagne to Biscoff hot chocolate Easter eggs (recipe for the latter here).

These very same fans have been pushing for the Biscoff KitKat bar to make it onto shelves here for quite some time, enviously looking on at our friends Down Under.

And what do you know? The good folks over at Nestlé actually listened.

Biscoff fans literally won’t know what’s hit ’em (Credit: Nestle/ KitKat)

Discussing the UK launch of KitKat Biscoff, Joyce Tan – Head of Marketing at the confectionary brand – said: “You asked, we answered – Biscoff is one of the most requested and searched-for items on the website, so we knew we had a job to do.

“We wanted to excite fans with a flavour and texture combination that would leave them longing for their next break.”

Meanwhile, Kathleen Buyst, the Global Brand Director at Biscoff, added: “Lotus Biscoff has been a favourite in for over 10 years [so] we are excited to collaborate with KitKat to offer a unique and delicious flavour combination.”

The Lotus Biscoff hype is real (Credit: Alamy)

The chocolate bars will be selling for an incredibly reasonable 60p RRP across Tesco stores, and you can also buy three for £1.20 if you have a Clubcard. Result.

Wanna Biscoff KitKat, like, right now?! Well, why don’t you check out where your nearest Tesco is here? There’s no time like the present, ey?

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