New Lotus Biscoff ice cream cones are dropping soon in Iceland

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We know you Twisted readers are partial to a Biscoff biscuit – honestly, aren’t we all?

So, we thought you’d be interested to hear the exciting news that Biscoff is dropping a new ice cream in Iceland and the Food Warehouse very soon.

Iceland already sells various Biscoff infused ice creams including chocolate coated ice cream sticks, mini sticks and an ice cream cake, all infused with the speculoos spread and biscuit pieces.

But they’re about to drop a new product on shelves, too. Introducing the Biscoff ice cream cone.

The cones will start off exclusively at Iceland, and look kinda like Cornettos. Expect a waffle cone stuffed with a smooth vanilla ice cream and dotted with Biscoff spread and plenty of crumbled biscuit.

They will weigh in at 115ml each, and come in packs of four.

Sharing the news of their imminent arrival on Instagram, food blog New Foods UK wrote: “New Biscoff Ice Cream Cones coming soon to Iceland & The Food Warehouse!”

And it’s safe to say that when they spotted the new drop, people were excited.

lotus biscoff

The power of the humble Biscoff biscuit knows no bounds (Credit: Alamy)

“My god we need these,” wrote one person, tagging a mate.

Whilst another messaged their pal on Facebook, saying: “FIND THEM”.

“We need to go to Iceland,” wrote somebody else.

We’ve reached out to Iceland for details on exactly when the ice creams will be landing in stores, and how much they’ll cost, but in the meantime, we’ll just have to wait patiently for them to arrive.

Packs of Biscoff sticks (which includes three ice creams) currently cost £4.25 each, so we can probably expect something similar.

The Biscoff cones have previously been available in the States, but its the first time they’ve landed on UK shores.

Here’s hoping they land whilst we still have some sunshine!


Iceland shoppers will be in for more Biscoff treats soon (Credit: Alamy)

In other Biscoff news, a brand new chocolate bar filled with the stuff also just dropped in Co-op.

The Milk Chocolate Biscoff Cream bar has been available overseas for a while, but as of 15th August, 500 Co-op stores up and down the UK begun selling the chocolate bar, too.

It might look like a normal chocolate bar at first glance, but the Lotus Biscoff cream bar is so much more.

According to the folks over at Biscoff, “the Lotus Biscoff bar features the iconic smooth Lotus Biscoff spread encased within a creamy Belgian milk chocolate shell that is speckled with crunchy Lotus Biscoff biscuit pieces”.

They go on to brand the bar “a flavour combination you simply can’t resist”.

The rather large 180g bars will be selling for a RRP of £2.80, and excitingly, Biscoff have teased that more flavours will be coming soon.

It really is a good time to be a Biscoff addict.