M&S has launched a gin and tonic sorbet as part of boozy new range

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There’s something about a cold G&T in the sun. You just can’t get better, can you?!

Well, that’s what we thought until we learnt of the new product which just launched in Marks & Spencer.

The department store has taken the humble gin and tonic up a level – offering the tipple in sorbet form. Dreamy, right?!

The sorbet pots are made with tonic flavouring, real gin and a hint of lime, promising a truly refreshing and delightfully boozy spoonful each and every time.

ms marks spencer gin tonic sorbet

It’s your favourite tinny, but in sorbet form (Credit: Instagram/ M&S PR team)

Each tub contains an ABV of 1.4 percent (so, don’t worry, they’re not gonna get you drunk – a typical G&T would have an ABV of about 5 percent).

Of course, if gin aint your thing, then don’t worry, there’s another option, too.

You can also get your hands on a passion star martini sorbet, made with passionfruit, vodka and a hint of vanilla. Yum.

This has an ABV of 1.2 percent, and also makes the perfect summer treat to enjoy in the sun.

Both boozy sorbets can be bought for £4.50, and a box includes four mini tubs.

ms pornstar martini sorbet

Three words: Pornstar Martini Sorbet (Credit: M&S PR team)

Naturally, we don’t need to tell you that M&S caused quite a lot of excitement when they announced the new products.

“Did someone say Gin & Tonic SORBET!,” they wrote. “That’s right – we’ve taken our INFAMOUS G&T tinnies and turned them into delicious tubs of sorbet – ready to tuck into this summer!

“Made with REAL gin, and a hint of lime and tonic flavouring … we think the Hot Priest would approve – dont you?”

“Not stopping there … we’ve also launched Passionstar Martini Sorbet made with passion fruit juice, vodka with a hint of vanilla! Here’s hoping for a summer filled with M&S sorbet!”

gin and tonic

The humble gin and tonic has been given an upgrade (Credit: Unsplash)

“Errrr hello,” wrote somebody in response.

As another penned: “Oh my word will have to get some of these”.

Meanwhile, another simply wrote: “Well fuck”. Our sentiments exactly…

Both ice creams are available now, throughout the summer. You can find your local M&S store here.