This company wants to pay someone to drink wine on holiday

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Ever just wish you were sat on a beach sipping rosé? Us too.

Well, what if we told you that you could do just that and actually get paid for it? Yup, we kid you not.

Let us explain. Majestic, which is the UK’s biggest specialist wine retailer, is looking to hire what it’s calling a ‘Vintern’, to determine whether or not wines taste better overseas or at home. 

To test this, the company will send said employee on a three day trip to Portugal. Plus, they’ll even let you take a mate with you, too.

wine holiday

Been dreaming of drinking wine in the sun? (Credit: Pexels)

How cool is that?!

The two of you will be sent to the country’s Quinta Da Boavista vineyard to sample Majestic’s Spain & Portugal Summer Case of wines, and then you’ll be given the same case to try at home, too. 

Your job is then basically to answer whether the wine tastes the same or better when home or abroad. It’s the question that members of Majestic’s wine club have been pondering, apparently. 

Alongside the free wine and the holiday (inclusive of flights and accommodation), you’ll bag a generous £600 for three days of work (which is the equivalent of if you were being paid £52,000 per anum). 

portugal wine vineyard

You’ll be sent on a wine expedition (Credit: Alamy)

Whilst you’re on the holiday, you’ll also be offered a guided tour of the vineyard via horse and carriage, visit a wine cellar and barrel room and even have an olive oil tasting alongside the tipples.

If that wasn’t all, you’ll also be treated to a three-course lunch accompanied even more wine.

Anyone else think this sounds like the most plush few days of work, like, ever?!

In fact, to call this work would be a stretch…

As much as it sounds ridiculously fun, the ‘Vintern’ will have an important job, as their findings will be published on Majestic’s website.

majestic wines

Does wine taste better on holiday? (Credit: Alamy)

Reckon you’ve got what it takes? To apply, you don’t have to have any prior wine tasting experience, you just need to be enthusiastic and able to write 200 words about why you’re the right person for the job.

You can submit your statement here, and you have until August 19th to get yours in.

If chosen, you have to be free to go away at some time in September, too.

Good luck, wine lovers. This sounds like a pretty dream gig.