Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Marmite just got fancy: Spread drops in a new truffle flavour


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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When it comes to Marmite, the saying goes you either love it or hate it, and funnily enough, the same can be said for truffle.

You can imagine how divided shoppers are going to be over the spread’s new flavour, then.

You guessed it, they’re bringing out a Marmite Truffle.

As described by the good folks over at Marmite, we can expect the spread to be “packed with a luxurious umami flavour and a decadent aroma that food-lovers and home cooks won’t be able to resist.”

The truffle infused spread is said to “fuse” the umami flavours of the Marmite with rich and decadent, earthy notes, to create an utterly fancy bite.

marmite truffle

Marmite Truffle has landed (Credit: Marmite)

If Marmite Truffle sounds good to you, then you might be excited to hear that it doesn’t just go on toast. You can also shove it in a Marmite Truffle fettucine sauce, use it to flavour a rich fillet steak or even use it as the base of a gravy.

As they announced the product’s release, Marmite said that their “new and magnificent spread has been carefully curated to create everyday meals with a swanky spin”. Oooh errr.

The news follows the recent launch of Marmite’s ‘spreads with a spin’, which included the chilli-laced Marmite Dynamite – which was a hit with those who love the spread.

Sophie Allan, Senior Brand Manager at Marmite, said: “One doesn’t need a butler to spread ones Marmite Truffle on one’s toast, but this is without a doubt our poshest Marmite yet.

“Britain’s love affair with truffle shows no signs of slowing down and we’ve carefully curated our new product with the distinct flavour of truffle for the most discerning Marmite connoisseur.

Marmite Truffle pasta, anyone? (Credit: Marmite)

“Gracing the poshest of tables from brunch through to supper, Marmite Truffle is deliciously decadent – one will either love it or will find it rather ghastly.”

As Marmite shared the news of its new flavour online, opinions were certainly polarised.

“Two of my favourite flavours. Can’t wait,” said one, as another wrote: “I think seeing this is the happiest moment in my life.”

A third was less convinced.

“I am a lifelong avid Marmite fanatic, but I can’t abide truffles, so NOPE!,” they wrote.

As a fourth agreed: “Think I’m drawing the line with this one”.

We’ve got to give it to Marmite, they’re nothing if not controversial.

The new Marmite Truffle spread is available to purchase in 250g jars at Sainsbury’s stores nationwide for a RRP of £4.50, and can also be bought online.

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