Mars to trial removing Bounty from Celebrations boxes this Christmas

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The humble Bounty bar is one of the world’s biggest crowd dividers. Forget Marmite or Brexit, you’ll be pressed to find a topic that sends more people into a frenzy.

The coconut filled chocolate bar is beloved by many, but almost 40 percent of the public think that it should be banished for good.

And it turns out the folks at Mars Wrigley have been listening, because they have now launched a tub of Celebrations without a Bounty in sight.

Check out this video of the This Morning crew discussing the news, below: 

The tubs will instead be filled with additional Milky Way, Snickers, Mars, Galaxy and Maltesers chocolates to fill up the extra space.

And they’re perfect for anyone that usually ends up with a tub of Bounty chocolates lying neglected and unloved.

Now, if you’re a Bounty fan, don’t fear. The tubs are only launching in limited amounts, and you’ll still be able to get Bounty filled Celebrations as normal, too.

The idea is that at select Tesco Christmas Market sites across the UK, you’ll be able to exchange tubs bought in store for a brand new ‘No Bounty’ alternative.

The trial is only running until December 18th, so those who aren’t partial to a Bounty will need to be quick.

bounty celebrations

Bounty is getting binned from Celebrations (Credit: Alamy)

The promotion launched as a consequence of some research the folks at Mars Wrigley did, which showed that 58 percent of people thought a tub of leftover Bounty chocolates would lead to a family argument.

The results were taken from 2,000 Britons aged between 18 and 65, and as many as 22 percent of people liked Bounty least out of all the tub’s chocolates, and 39 percent wanted to banish the bars for good.

A total of 28 percent of people thought that coconut didn’t belong in chocolate at all. But, 18 percent of people did name Bounty their favourite of the bunch.

The new ‘No Bounty’ boxes come after a Bounty Return Scheme was launched last year, in which people could bring back their neglected Bountys to selected stores, and swap them for other Celebrations chocolates.

celebrations tub

You will still be able to get normal Celebrations tubs, too (Credit: Alamy)

Despite all the anti-Bounty propaganda, it’s clear that the chocolate still has a lot of supporters, too.

Maybe the beauty of Bounty is that not everybody gets the hype? More for the rest of us, eh?