McDonald’s is apparently launching a Biscoff McFlurry

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Lotus Biscoff fans, your time is now.

McDonald’s is reported to be launching a Biscoff McFlurry, and it sounds like a speculoos dream.

Yup, the fast food giant often mixes up its McFlurries on offer, from Aero to Malteser, but Lotus Biscoff might be the best flavour to date.

Whilst Maccies haven’t confirmed the launch yet, it’s being heavily rumoured on social media.

lotus biscoff mcflurry

Anyone for a Biscoff McFlurry? (Credit: McDonald’s)

Food blog @UKSnackAttack was one of the first to break the news (and they’ve been right about a bunch of fast food launches in the past).

Meanwhile, blog Food Finds UK has claimed the item will be launching on Maccies menus from Wednesday, June 21st. Mark your calendars, peeps!

The product is reportedly set to be made from the brand’s iconic soft serve ice cream and come drizzled with Biscoff sauce and crumbles of Biscoff biscuits to boot.

“It’s happening,” said one person, tagging a mate.

Whilst another wrote: “I’m so excited!!!”

“I want one,” said a third.

“Can’t wait to devour one of them,” someone else chimed in.

We’ll update you as soon as we have official deets on the potential new drop, and we’ve contacted McDonald’s for further info.

The exciting McFlurry flavour might be new to UK palates, but it has been sold in Golden Arches branches elsewhere across the globe.

Singapore was one of the first markets to try it, whilst several European countries followed suit.

Here’s hoping the rumours are true and we’ll be getting our hands on this soon.

Featured image: Getty/ McDonald’s