McDonald’s is giving away free breakfasts to students for the next two weeks

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

McDonald’s is giving away free breakfasts for students this week – but you’ve gotta be quick.

The fast food giant is launching a Breakfast Bus across the UK, awarding lucky uni students with complimentary grub if they visit in time.

The McDonald’s UK Breakfast Bus will be arriving at various spots around the UK from the 10th to the 21st October, serving McMuffins to hungry young adults.

When the bus is in your city, it’ll be setting up shop between 11am-4pm, with 2,000 servings up for grabs.

mcdonalds breakfast bus

The McDonald’s Breakfast Bus is coming (Credit: McDonald’s)

Those who find the bus as their freshers fair will be handed McMuffins (egg and cheese, or bacon, egg and cheese), alongside a Coke Zero sample, whilst stocks last.

What’s more, the first 100 students to find the van at each uni will be given free McDonald’s merch. Result.

The Breakfast Bus will be at the following cities on these dates: 

Week 1:

  • 10th October – Edinburgh Napier University
  • 11th October – University of Northumbria
  • 12th October – Sheffield University
  • 13th October – University of Leeds
  • 14th October – York University

Week 2:

  • 17th October – Nottingham Trent University
  • 18th October – Birmingham City University
  • 19th October – Cardiff Met University
  • 20th October – Bristol UWE University
  • 21st October – Portsmouth University
mcdonalds breakfast bus

Students will be able to grab free McMuffins (Credit: McDonald’s)

The initiative is a collaboration between Maccies and LitterLotto, which is trying to encourage students to clean up their uni town or city, and take part in litter picks.

If free Maccies wasn’t incentive enough, universities will be put on a league table and be in with a chance of being named ‘Cleanest Student City or Town’.

Then, one student from the Cleanest Student City or Town will win a DJ set from Radio 1 alum, Chris Stark, which will take place on board the McDonald’s food van.

Free food and a DJ set? If you go to any of the above universities, or know someone who does, make sure this is on your radar.