McDonald's is opening its first chicken only store

20 Mar 2024



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McDonald's is officially opening its first chicken only store... but it's only around for one weekend.

Yup, Colonel Sanders must be quaking! The fast food giant is cementing itself as a destination for chicken by selling nothing but its best poultry products.

The chicken only store will be situated in central London, at the Maccies store in Cambridge Circus, Westminster.

From 3pm until 9pm on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March, all the McDonald's classics like the Big Mac and the Cheeseburger will be stepping aside in favour of the OG-McChicken sandwich, the iconic McCrispy or McSpicy burger, the McNuggets and chicken selects.

McDonald's is launching a chicken only store (Credit: McDonald's)

Yup, it's a celebration of all things CHICKEN.

On top of all that, there will be some fun activities at the store, too.

For one, there will be sneaker customisation and cleaning, alongside some limited edition sneakers from the artist, AfroKicks.

Not only can a few lucky recipients pick a style of their choice, but they can also have their sneakers cleaned by pros, StayFresh.

Plus, there will be a retro gaming arcade for you to enjoy while you're there, and a live DJ spinning the tunes while you get your chicken fix.

You don't need to get tickets to the event, just swing on by!

McDonald's is championing chicken at the takeover (Credit: McDonald's)

Unfortunately for anyone outside of London wanting to get in on the chicken fun, this is the only location hosting such an event at present.

If you're in the area, we suggest popping down while you can, as after the weekend it'll be gone.

Maccies haven't disclosed whether they plan to do more chicken only takeovers, or even create a permanent chicken only store in future.

Although, if this one's a hit, who knows what could happen next?!

The chicken only takeover is only at one McDonald's branch in the UK (Credit: Getty)

Whilst the move to champion chicken will be welcomed by some, those of you who love the chain's beefier options shouldn't be concerned.

The Golden Arches recently committed to improving a whole load of aspects of its beef burgers – improving the sear, grilling the onions on top of the patties and rolling out new brioche buns.

So, it's safe to say they're still committed to giving beef lovers the best experience possible, too. You can read the full deets on that here.

Featured image: Getty/ McDonald's


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