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People are all calling for the same discontinued McDonald's item to return


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Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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McDonald's sent the internet into a frenzy yesterday as it announced that the Breakfast Wrap would be making a return to UK branches, following a whopping 22 petitions.

The menu item was discontinued in 2020, and loyal customers were more than a little excited to welcome it back – even for a limited time.

But the Breakfast Wrap's return also got people talking about the other items that were removed from menus with little warning.

It reignited people in their campaign to bring back one particular morning favourite – the Breakfast Bagel.

There are calls for the Breakfast Bagel to return (Credit: McDonald's)

Like the wrap, the bagel was also cut from menus around the time of the Covid pandemic, and left a big hole in people's lives.

They came with a variety of fillings. You could get them stuffed with egg and cheese, and you can also order a bacon, egg and cheese bagel or even a steak, egg and cheese one.

After a long hiatus from menus, and continuous pleas from fans, Maccies announced in 2022 that the bagel and the wrap wouldn't be returning

But, hey, the Breakfast Wrap is now back after all, so who knows what could happen next?!

The McDonald's bagels were menu favourites (Credit: McDonald's)

Reacting to the news as we shared it on Twisted's Facebook page, so many of you lot were quick to make your plea for the bagel.

"Need to bring the bagels back," said one person in the comments.

Whilst another wrote: "We want bagels, we want bagels, we want bagels...."

"They need to bring back their breakfast bagel sandwiches. Those were freaking amazing!!!!," said a third.

Maccies haven't yet addressed the demand for bagels to return, but the return of the Breakfast Wrap shows they're listening to feedback, so keep nagging them and who knows what could happen!?

Featured image: Getty/ McDonald's

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