Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

McDonald’s sells fish and chips in the Philippines


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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If you were looking for a chippy tea, McDonald’s wouldn’t be most people’s first port of call.

But believe it or not, Maccies actually sells fish and chips on its menu in the Philippines (or McDonald’s Fish and Fries, as it’s known over there).

Yup, the fast food giant is currently flogging the rather British delicacy over in Southeast Asia, and we have to admit we’re a little miffed they haven’t brought it over to the UK yet.

Here’s an advert for the fishy dish, if you don’t believe us: 

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The Fish and Fries see a flaky fish fillet coated in crispy batter and then served with the chain’s iconic french fries on the side.

Customers can also opt to swap their fries for rice if they want (in line with demand in the Southeast Asian markets).

Plus, tartar sauce or sweet and sour sauce is available on the side. Winner.

The product dropped this month, and is only available in the Philippines for a short period.

mcdonald's fish and fries philippines

McDonald’s fish and fries are a hit abroad (Credit: McDonald’s Philippines)

It’s not the first time fish and chips have graced the menu. In fact, it’s a regular limited edition offering, and always goes down a treat.

The product usually appears at this time of year to honour lent, where it is customary to eat fish on a Friday.

But whether Christian or not, customers flock in their droves to get their hands on some fish and chips – and can you blame them?

The fast food giant has also previously launched the dish at McDonald’s Canada, as well as in Singapore and Indonesia.

mcdonalds fish and fries

We want Maccies fish and chips too! (Credit: Alamy)

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Plus, a similar product named P’tit Fish & Chips was launched over in France back in 2021, for a short stint.

McDonald’s hasn’t announced any plans to bring it over to the UK, yet, and as much as we’d love it, we don’t blame them.

Whilst no nation loves a chippy tea more, we’d have to admit they’d face some stiff competition…

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