Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

McDonald’s new Happy Meal toys are even exciting adults


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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McDonald’s has just launched a range of new Happy Meal toys, and they’re proving just as popular with adults as they are with kids.

Yup, to celebrate the launch of the new live-action Disney film, The Little Mermaid, the fast food eatery has dropped a collection of toys in the US – and we want them all immediately.

Little Mermaid Happy Meal toys

mcdonalds little mermaid happy meal

The Happy Meal has had an upgrade… (Credit: Flickr)

There are eight toys in total, featuring the likes of Ariel, King Triton, Prince Eric, Max and Ursula.

Flounder, Scuttle and Sebastian are also in the mix, with new looks inspired by the remake movie.

Appropriately, each character comes on a wave – a nod to the sea Arial is trying to escape.

Reaction to the Little Mermaid Happy Meal toys

The toys launched in branches across the States yesterday (23rd May), and TikTokers have got their hands on them, with their videos garnering a lot of hype online.

The vast majority of people rushing to stockpile on the Little Mermaid toys were adults rather than kids, but there was no hiding their excitement.

You can see a few of their vids below: 


Went on the search for Little Mermaid Happy Meal toys the day they debuted at McDonald’s 🧜🏾‍♀️✨ #thelittlemermaidliveaction #happymealtoys #thelittlemermaid

♬ original sound – Erik | Disney Creator ✨


New Little Mermaid Happy Meal Toys! #disney #mcdonalds #thelittlemermaid #mrthomasenglish#greenscreen

♬ original sound – Vinny Thomas


#mcdonalds #happymeal #thelittlemermaid #disneytiktok #liveaction #disneyland

♬ Part of Your World – From “The Little Mermaid” – Halle


i cant wait to get them all 😜🩵 #fyp #littlemermaid #littlemermaid2023 #halleisariel #thelittlemermaid #ariel

♬ Part of Your World – From “The Little Mermaid” – Halle

The Disney and the McDoanld’s fans have united for this drop, and they’re absolutely loving it.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as you can also interact with your toys online via the Happy Meal website, where there are also tons of games and activities (these probably are more for the kids, though).

The new Happy Meals coincide with the international launch of The Little Mermaid in cinemas on May 26th.

Whilst we know the drop has landed in the US right now, Maccies exclusively told Twisted they currently have no plans to bring them over to the UK. Boo.

At least we’ve got a new range of Maccies dips as an excuse to make a lunchtime trip.

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