McDonald’s just launched a £185 wedding package

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

How much do you love McDonald’s? Do you love it enough to let them cater your wedding?!

Well, that’s what the Golden Arches are trying to roll out, offering up a meal deal that covers food for 100 guests at a bargain price.

Yup, not only is a Maccies catered wedding the dream of any fast food addict, but it’s also far more economical than hiring a caterer.

McDonalds wedding catering indonesia

Would you serve a Big Mac and fries at your nuptials? (Credit: Getty)

Obviously, this isn’t for those who want a really fancy meal (duh), but it’s a great option for those who aren’t fussed with the finer things in life, and are unashamedly satisfied with a Big Mac and fries.

The deal is only available in Jakarta, Indonesia right now (sorry local Maccies fans), and offers newlyweds a choice between 100 chicken burgers and 100 boxes of McNuggets or 100 cheeseburgers and 100 chicken fingers.

The new wedding package comes with a slogan – “making wedding moments unforgettable,” and each party has to order a minimum of 200 pieces for prices starting at the equivalent of £185.

We don’t have deets on whether the package will be rolling out elsewhere around the world yet, but The Sun reports it may do if it proves popular.

mcdonalds wedding catering indonesia

McDonald’s is doing wedding catering in Indonesia (Credit: McDonald’s)

Indonesia isn’t the only place embracing a McDonlald’s wedding.

In Hong Kong, couples can actually tie the knot in a McDonald’s restaurant. We mean, it doesn’t get more superfan than that.

The packages have been running since 2011, and include everything from themed balloons and invites to a tiered ‘apple pie cake’.


The basic “Happiness Party” package costs just £300 (which is $2,999 Hong Kong dollars), and includes venue hire, food, decorations and audio equipment.

UK McDonald’s, what you playing at? We want weddings and catering packages, stat.

Featured image: Getty/ McDonald’s Indonesia